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What to Wear

What works: The suit
What doesn't: The bag, the untucked blouse, the hair

What else did our employers and faculty suggest?

She is dressed in a classic blue suit which always works and gives her the conservative look needed in the financial industry.  The conservative blouse underneath looks great and the collar works with the suit. (Financial Services)

The skirt is too short. The appropriate length for an interview is knee length.  I would also suggest tucking the shirt in.  Additionally I think it would be more professional if she were to pin her hair up. (Engineering Faculty)

Hair too sloppy - tie back in amore conservative style. (A&S Faculty/Communication)

A suit such as this is appropriate for an interview, although it would be more professional if the blouse was tucked in and a matching purse or case was carried.  The length of the skirt and shoes/hose are fine. (Technology Firm)

LOSE the bag!  Not only does it not match, it's terrible unprofessional looking.  Overall style looks a little too trendy for me - skirt a bit too short, blouse not tucked in. (A&S Faculty/Communication)

This handbag is a distraction from this outfit.  It does not fit with what is going on.  A more simple smaller, black bag or purse would be far more appropriate. The blouse I would tuck into the waist or choose a more professional one. I would either put the hair up or pull it back under control.  Shoes are very good and this candidate does look comfortable in this suit.  Nice effort just fix a couple of things to refine the look better. (Staffing Firm)

On this on, the bag is too casual.  Go with a small black leather or cloth bag to match the outfit better.  Also, the blouse should be tucked in and buttoned higher at the top.  Otherwise the jacket and skirt look fine. (Government Agency)

Bag and outfit are inappropriate.  Appears to be casual. (Pharmacy Faculty)

Last Updated: 6/9/16