Center for Experiential Learning and Career Services

What to Wear

What works: The entire look!
What doesn't: Pants could be hemmed

What else did our employers and faculty suggest?

OK (Pharmacy Faculty)

Looks great, colors are great, pants may be a little long, but very well suited for an interview (Technology Firm)

This guy looks great!  Classic dark suit with a crisp white shirt and a nice conservative tie.  He has dark dress shoes that complete the look.  Nice short hair and a real clean cut appearance. The only change I would suggest would be in his posture.  From the picture he looks very stiff in the way he is standing and his hands are rounded which gives him the appearance of slouching.  We look for individuals that project a strong self image with tons of confidence.  The posture, walk, stance, eye contact, etc. are just as critical as the dress. (Financial Services)

Great attire for an interview! (Engineering Faculty)

Perfect - I wouldn't change a thing, (A&S Faculty/Communication)

Outstanding.  Very good effort.  The shirt and tie are fine.  The jacket looks tailored to fit.  The pants are just little long. There should not be that much material at the bottom. There should  be more of a clean line that goes from the waist of the pants to the hem.  Otherwise very, very good. (Staffing Firm)

This is a good combination.  Very traditional and stylish.  (Government Agency)

Last Updated: 6/9/16