Center for Experiential Learning and Career Services

What to Wear

What works: The suit
What doesn't: The blouse

What else did our employers and faculty suggest?

The suit is great but I would wear a solid color blouse under the suit.  The blouse she is wearing is a little busy for an interview. (Engineering Faculty)

This is a nice combination although the top might be a little too flamboyant for an interview.  This outfit, however, is a little plain and could be a little too conservative and frumpy. (Government Agency)

Very nice, except I think the shell underneath the suit coat should be more neutral - it's too loud.  Other than that, fine. (A&S Faculty/Communication)

Nice suit.  I would consider a shorter business length - something at the knees or just below.  This is, in my opinion, too long.  The bag is also too big.  I would suggest something smaller, but the same color.  This candidate did a very good job with color.  Jewelry is simple and the hair is neat.  Good job. (Staffing Firm)

This outfit looks very professional and shows some creativity with her choice of blouse. However, depending on the industry it may be somewhat distracting to the interviewer. (Technology Firm)

She has a classic well-cut suit.  The skirt is a great length and gives the suit a nice line for the eye.  I also like her hair.  I like the simple necklace, very basic and provides a finishing look instead of a distraction.  The bright colored blouse distracts from her put-together look.  I would suggest the same style blouse, but the color should be subtle.  The bag is too large and distracts from the look.  I would recommend a smaller shoulder bag with a thin strap that will blend into your look. (Financial Services)

Last Updated: 6/9/16