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What to Wear

What works: Nothing for an interview
What doesn't: Needs a jacket and tie - way too casual for an interview

What else did our employers and faculty suggest?

Very appropriate attire for every day work.  Would appreciate a tie and/or sports jacket added for an interview, but would not be offensive as is. (Technology Firm)

Needs a tie and jacket.  Pants are too baggy. (Pharmacy Faculty)

If this student is going to an interview I would suggest wearing a tie and a black suit jacket. (Engineering Faculty)

Way too casual for an interview.  A suit and tie are a must even for a college student. (A&S Faculty/Communication)

Perfect for an interview at an oil change or a car wash.  This is completely wrong for a professional interview.  It's almost as if her forgot to finish dressing.  Add a jacket and tie and this might be passable, but as it is it's much too casual. (Government Agency)

If this young man is interviewing in the financial industry he would definitely need to wear a suit and tie.  His current appearance is much  too casual for just about any job in the business world.  I don't believe any prospective employer would take him seriously if he arrived for an initial interview dressed this casually.  His shirt, slacks and shoes look fine, but without the complete suit, it just wouldn't work at all. (Financial Services)

This candidate has business attire that is trying to give off a casual look.  It does not work very well.  I would suggest a tie and jacket for an interview and for being at the office.  I would suggest trimming the sideburns to a more conservative look.  Please give the employer the opportunity to take the candidate seriously.  This outfit does not allow this to happen. The right tie and jacket would change this evaluation drastically. (Staffing Firm)

Last Updated: 6/9/16