Center for Experiential Learning and Career Services

What to Wear

What works: The overall look
What doesn't: Pants could be hemmed; lapel pin distracting; opinion on the tie was mixed

What else did our employers and faculty suggest?

This guy is definitely the "GQ" look!  I would not change a thing  - the classic navy suit, crisp white shirt, lapel pin, red striped tie - it all says success!  He has a very clean-cut appearance, short hair, no facial hair.  His suit fits perfectly with proper length on the arms and pant length.  I even like the way he is standing and the smile he has.  This look screams confidence, talent, success, poise and everything in-between!  This is a perfect look for any professional business environment such as a financial institution. (Financial Services)

Great attire for interviewing (Engineering Faculty)

This outfit is very appropriate for an interview and actual work that is professional. (Staffing Firm)

A suit such as this is very professional - appropriate for an interview.  For most work days, this would be overly dressing in our industry. (Technology Firm)

This looks pretty good. I might go with a different tie - something a little more conservative. (Government Agency)

Very nice, but I would tone down the tie to a more subdued color for an interview situation.  (A&S Faculty/Communication)

Last Updated: 6/9/16