Career Services

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents


What services are provided to help students with the career development process?  Career Services provides a wide range of career exploration resources and job search services.  Career counseling is available by appointment.  Express Lane service is available for quick questions, and resume and cover letter critiques on a first-come, first-served basis.  Job listings for work-study, temporary, and part-time jobs as well as internships and full-time positions are available through RocketJobs.  A calendar of workshops and events provide opportunities for students to build their job search skills.

When should  a student begin to use Career Services?  It is never too early to explore the variety of services offer by Career Services.  The first step is to check out RocketJobs. 

What help is available for my student if he/she can't decide on a major?  The staff at Career Services can help a student select a major and/or career field compatible with his/her interests, skills, and values.  Through individual advising, self-assessment exercises, and computerized career guidance, we can help your student identify and evaluate his/her options.  There are also web sites available that link academic majors to career alternatives.

Can I visit Career Services and/or meet with a career advisor to discuss my student's career development?  We are pleased to provide information to parents regarding a variety of career topics; however it is important that students assume responsibility for their own career development.  Please encourage your student to visit with our staff to discuss career concerns.

Does the choice of major limit career options?  Employers visit the UT campus annually to recruit students for full-time positions.  While some were looking for specific technical skills, their major requirements were communications skills, analytical skills, and experience working in a team environment.  Employers are looking for students who have the ability to adapt and be flexible in a changing workplace.  Students should enjoy their academic experience. A major provides a degree of intellectual satisfaction, internships and part-time employment provide the experiential learning that complements the academic curriculum.

Where can I find out about information on career events on campus?   Career Services' web site has a calendar segment which gives a listing of workshops, career fairs, and other pertinent information. 

My student needs a part-time and summer job to defray college costs.  How can Career Services help?  Local and regional employers list their part-time and summer jobs in RocketJobs.  These job opportunities are also available in the Career Information Center.  On-campus and federal work study positions are also listed in RocketJobs and on the bulletin board outside SU 1532.

How can Career Services help my student find full-time employment after graduation?

Job Fairs - several job fairs are scheduled each year for networking.  Check the Announcements/Calendar on our web site for the most updated list.

Job Vacancies - regional and national full-time positions for a wide variety of occupations are listed on RocketJobs as well as filed in our Career Information Center.

On-Campus Recruiting - many employers visit UT annually to interview students for permanent, full-time jobs beginning after graduation.  Check our web site to see which organizations are visiting this year.

Resume Referrals - students may upload resumes in RocketJobs.  Career Services regularly sends these resumes to employers to fill their full-time employment needs.

Internet Resources - selected job search internet sites are linked to the Career Services web site.  Each has been researched to determine whether it will benefit UT students.

What salaries are new graduates in various field earning?

The quarterly salary survey developed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is available to students in Career Services.  Additional regional and national salary surveys may be accessed from our web site.

Last Updated: 8/15/18