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In today's marketplace recruiting, hiring, and training the most suitable employees is critical to the success of a business. One of the most effective ways to gain practical experience and build your resume is through an internship or co-op program.

What Are The Differences?

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  • Part-time or full-time    
  • Paid or non-paid              
  • Part-time in Fall or Spring/Full-time or part-time in Summer        
  • May be for academic credit        
  • Internships are usually limited to one area of responsibility (marketing, human resources, IT, etc.)
  • Gives a student an inside look into a company

As an intern, a person may have the opportunity to work as part of a team, providing value to the overall organization as they’re included in the creative process.  Some interns may even be mentored by executives and have the opportunity to present to a group of their peers or senior-level individuals on the outcomes of their special projects. Undergraduate students (rising Junior/Senior) are eligible in most cases. 

You’ll gain an edge over students who don’t have experiential education gained through an internship.


  • Always full-time
  • Always a paid experience
  • Full-time position in Fall, Spring and/or Summer (May occur on an extended or alternating basis)
  • May be for academic credit
  • Co-ops are a joint venture between the university, a selected employer, and you
  • Traditionally co-ops resulting in a 5-year degree program. It’s may take longer to graduate, however you’ll have gained valuable experience.
  • Some Co-Ops are rotational, offering opportunities across functions
  • Graduate students are eligible in most cases for Co-Ops
  • Students frequently start at higher salaries and higher levels of responsibility than interns

NOTE: Not all employers use these terms separately. Some may see an internship or co-op as interchangeable language. 

Turn Co-Ops or Internships into Full-Time Jobs

Resources for Finding an Internship

Ohio means Internships and Co-ops:  find the internship that is right for you.


College of Business and Innovation: Business Career Programs

The Business Career Programs office assists COBI students in securing internships during their undergraduate careers and full-time placement upon graduation. Their office strives to provide the necessary resources to our students so that they may conduct their own tailored job searches that fit their individual needs.

College of Engineering – Career Development Center

The College of Engineering is one of only eight engineering colleges in the nation to offer a mandatory co-op program. The Engineering Career Development Center assists engineering students with identifying  co-op opportunities, as well as graduates and alumni seeking full time placement.  Students, graduates and alumni also have the opportunity to connect with potential employers through Spring and Fall Engineering Career Expos.

College of Law - Office of Professional Development

The Office of Professional Development, Law Career Services, helps students achieve career success through a full range of developmental opportunities and experiences. In addition to formal workshops and individual career counseling sessions, the office oversees numerous opportunities outside of the law school designed to help students make contacts in the legal field and become more informed and effective professionals.

College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences - Experiential Education

The Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) are designed to provide active learning and an extension of the information learned throughout the Pharm.D. curriculum. Both IPPEs and APPEs involve student participation and service in community and institutional pharmacy settings. Students have the opportunity to use the information learned throughout coursework and experience different pharmacy settings.


Last Updated: 8/15/18