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NOTICE:  New internship placement and postings will resume pending the establishment of City of Toledo's new administration.

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Submit a separate application for each internship you are seeking.

Note:  International students must have the proper work authorization visa, please consult with the Center for International Studies and Programs before applying. 

Examples of other POSSIBLE city internships

Board of Community Relations (BCR) (An example of a typical internship)

  • Board of Community Relations Intern:  Duties vary between community involvement initiatives such as, the annual MLK Unity Celebration, community service projects, attending meetings, answering telephone calls and emails from constituents, mediation services and other duties assigned. This office handles city-wide issues that promote, empower and support citizens and neighborhoods to create social justice, an equal opportunity and a harmonious environment for all citizens of Toledo. Issues this office deals with are related to race relations, neighbor disputes, social justice inequities, human rights, barriers to services needed for low-socioeconomic individuals and families, ability, gender & sexual identity, Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender (LGBT), race and ethnicity, linguistics, mental health and recovery services, homelessness, reducing gun violence and homicides, and all other "isms" that hinder a person or groups of persons quality of life within the City of Toledo.

Finance  (An example of a typical internship)

  • Business Management Intern: Help the supervisor in developing short and long term strategies and work-flow plans for a new software program.  This position would also help modify employee policies and procedures.  It also involves interviewing personnel, observing office practices and working with our statistic reports or creating new reports to improve the total performance of the staff.

Information Communication & Technology  (An examples of a typical internships)

  • ICT Applications Intern (financial):  Design, analysis, and preparation of data gathered regarding City of Toledo Departments use of the SAP Financial and DPU systems reports, data, etc. Ability to use Survey Monkey, compilation of data.

  • ICT Network Intern: Working within the Desktop Support/Network team.  Duties include imaging computers, installations of software and software maintenance, network equipment, and handling support ticket.

  • ICT Digital Media Intern:  Background in writing, knowledge of the journalistic style, and video scripting. A bonus would be knowledge and/or experience in video editing. Also helpful would be knowledge of photo and video editing software. This person could be involved in all or some of the following activities: Writing articles for newsletters, Interviewing to obtain information for articles and/or video presentations, Writing video scripts, Public speaking, Photography, and Graphic art, and Building Media Data Bases.

Public Service/Facility and Fleet Operations  (An example of a typical internship)

  • Project Coordinator: Intern will assist with implementation of the GIS portion of CitiWorks program for Facility Operations. Will also scan blueprints, organize and categorize blueprints for 200+ buildings and assets, and create a blueprint filing system. Other duties will be assigned as needed.

  • Civil Engineering Intern (2017-18)- Assisting with inspection of construction projects, engineering assessments concerning pavement and sidewalk conditions, assist with roadway and utility design, some potential geographic information systems work, and other duties as required.

  • Engineering/GIS (2017-18)-Will assist engineering staff in updating and organizing the asset management ARC GIS database.

Toledo Youth Commission  (An examples of a typical internship)

  • Health and Recreational Educator Intern: Educated the youth in Toledo on the standards of health. Focusing on topics dealing with physical and mental health.

  • Public Relations Intern: Operates and promotes positive image and brand for the Toledo Youth commission through social media and other mediums of communication to the public.

  • Youth Policy and Regulation Intern: Focuses on laws and policies that affects youth. Simplifies the language and educates youth on voter literacy, minor laws, curfew law, minor work laws, street and driving laws.

  • Youth Community Engagement Intern: Promotes and creates community service opportunities to youth in Toledo. Encourage youth to be active and instilling in them the power of giving back to the community.

Department of Public Utilities, Field Operations  (An example of a typical internship)

  • Intern for Divisional Policy Review: Review and organize Divisional policies for consistency and compliance with bargaining unit contracts, City Charter, Director's Rules and Regulations, Ohio Civil Service rules and Divisional Work Rules

Division of Water Distribution  (An example of a typical internship)

  • Water Distribution Intern: GIS work as it pertains to the water distribution system (placing hydrants, valves, services, etc); record researching;general engineering assistance; helping perform water hydrant flow testing in field and inputing results into computer system.






Last Updated: 8/15/18