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10 Reasons to Hire Vets
G.I. Jobs' Top 50 Most Military-Friendly Employers (pdf)
Interest in Hiring Vets is Growing
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10 Reasons to Hire Vets

  1. Accelerated learning curve.
    Veterans have the proven ability to learn new skills and concepts. In addition, they can enter your workforce with identifiable and transferable skills, proven in real-world situations. This background can enhance your organization's productivity.
  2. Leadership.
    The military trains people to lead by example as well as through direction, delegation, motivation, and inspiration. Veterans understand the practical ways to manage behaviors for results, even in the most trying circumstances. They also know the dynamics of leadership as part of both hierarchical and peer structures.
  3. Teamwork.
    Veterans understand how genuine teamwork grows out of a responsibility to one's colleagues. Military duties involve a blend of individual and group productivity. They also necessitate a perception of how groups of all sizes relate to each other and an overarching objective.
  4. Diversity and inclusion in action.
    Veterans have learned to work side by side with individuals regardless of diverse race, gender, geographic origin, ethnic background, religion, and economic status as well as mental, physical, and attitudinal capabilities. They have the sensitivity to cooperate with many different types of individuals.
  5. Efficient performance under pressure.
    Veterans understand the rigors of tight schedules and limited resources. They have developed the capacity to know how to accomplish priorities on time, in spite of tremendous stress. They know the critical importance of staying with a task until it is done right.
  6. Respect for procedures.
    Veterans have gained a unique perspective on the value of accountability. They can grasp their place within an organizational framework, becoming responsible for subordinates' actions to higher supervisory levels. They know how policies and procedures enable an organization to exist.
  7. Technology and globalization.
    Because of their experiences in the service, veterans are usually aware of international and technical trends pertinent to business and industry. They can bring the kind of global outlook and technological savvy that all enterprises of any size need to succeed.
  8. Integrity.
    Veterans know what it means to do "an honest day's work." Prospective employers can take advantage of a track record of integrity, often including security clearances. This integrity translates into qualities of sincerity and trustworthiness.
  9. Conscious of health and safety standards.
    Thanks to extensive training, veterans are aware of health and safety protocols both for themselves and the welfare of others. Individually, they represent a drug-free workforce that is cognizant of maintaining personal health and fitness. On a company level, their awareness and conscientiousness translate into protection of employees, property, and materials.
  10. Triumph over adversity.
    In addition to dealing positively with the typical issues of personal maturity, veterans have frequently triumphed over great adversity. They likely have proven their mettle in mission critical situations demanding endurance, stamina, and flexibility. They may have overcome personal disabilities through strength and determination.

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G.I. Jobs' Top 50 Most Military-Friendly Employers (pdf) 

Interest in Hiring Vets is Growing

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UT's Military Service Center
We provide service to all veterans to help them achieve their academic goals. A list of these services and links to the appropriate sites are available on our MSC Web site

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The Ohio Veterans Career Assistance Network
Career resources available at the state and federal levels

Veterans with Disabilities – Ohio
Provides information and resources to help veterans with disabilities prepare for job interviews and find jobs.


Comprehensive website that provides veterans, reservists, and National Guard members with information on the rights and benefits associated with securing employment.
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Key To Career Success for Transitioning Veterans
The Key to Career Success campaign connects veterans and service members with high quality career planning, training, and job search resources available at local One-Stop Career Centers.  

Veterans and Transitioning Military Personnel (The Riley Guide)

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Pay Rates / Money Matters / Employment Verification
Information for Activated Reservists / Reassigned Military Personnel
including Tax Information || Employment Rights & Assistance || Financial Rights and Assistance || Education & Training Support

Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS)
This site provides veterans, reservists, and National Guard members with information on the rights and benefits associated with securing employment.

USERRA Resource Guide
This site provides employers and reservists with a clearly written, simplified guide to the USERRA law. Under this law, a person who leaves a civilian job to perform military service (voluntarily or involuntarily) may be entitled to return to his or her civilian job after discharge or release from his or her military obligation if the service member meets basic eligibility criteria.

The TurboTap portal provides transition resources that can be accessed before, during, or after your military to civilian transition— whenever you need them! This portal will allow you to build a resume online, conduct job searches, and plan other transition activities.

Small Business Administration's Office of Veterans Business Development
OVBD is dedicated to serving the veteran entrepreneur by formulating, executing, and promoting policies and programs of the agency that provide assistance to veterans seeking to start and develop small businesses.

U.S. Office of Personnel Management Veterans Information
This site contains information for job-seeking veterans, veterans currently employed by the federal government, and federal human resources specialists. This site will assist individuals in determining a veteran's special rights and privileges for federal civil service employment.

VetsInfo Guide provides general information about how the system works and how veteran's preference and the special appointing authorities for veterans operate within the system.

VetGuide gives detailed information about the special rights and privileges that veterans enjoy in Federal civil service employment. The guide conveniently summarizes in one place material from many laws and regulations that affect the employment of veterans.

Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program (DVAAP) Plans

Vets Resource Connection
This site provides information and resources related to employment, reemployment, training, education, and benefits for our nation's veterans.

Additional Information
The largest military and veteran membership organization - has a career and development component.

Job Transitioning for Vets & Former Military
From Quintessential Careers, this page is all about career and job sites geared especially for military personnel making the transition to civilian jobs.

Veterans' Job Resources
From, lists links to tons of resources on the web for veterans and soon-to-be veterans.


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