Learning Enhancement Center

Academic Workshops offered by the LEC

students participating in interactive workshopUsing Natural Ability to Improve Study Strategies: A Model Based on Multiple Intelligence Theory
This is where life experience, natural ability and the classroom connect. Academic success may depend on how students are intelligent, not on how intelligent they are. Participants identify personal strengths and learn how to apply them in the classroom. The concepts presented in this workshop are based on Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory.

Building Success through Goal Setting
In this interactive session, students identify long-term and short-term goals, discuss the importance of goal setting and engage in a hands-on activity that allows students to explore the role of goal-setting in their lives.

Beat the Clock: Learning to Manage Time
Finding the time to attend classes, complete class assignments, maintain a job and also have a social life is a problem most college students face. In this workshop, students learn how to gain control over time, develop a manageable schedule and overcome procrastination.

Study Strategies Grab Bagfemale student participating in note taking workshop
Student centered, fun, and informative, this workshop encourages participants to throw their study strategies questions into a grab bag for discussion. The facilitator, a study strategies expert, guides the discussion, but all participants are invited to share their insight and experience regarding the best ways to study.

Reading for Information
In this workshop, students learn how to make more sense of their textbooks by discovering how to prepare themselves before they begin reading, how to actively read so that they will remember the material and what to do with the information once they have finished reading.

Mastering the Art of Taking Notes in a Lecture Class
How do other students know what to write in their notes during lecture? How do they make sense of their notes in order to study for the tests? Why bother taking notes at all? Students will learn the answers to these and other questions regarding note taking in the lecture classroom.

Turning Lecture Notes into Learning Tools
In this workshop, students will learn how to translate their lecture notes from the voice of the instructor to that of their own. Participants will discover note taking techniques that incorporate personal learning styles, prior knowledge and natural ability.

Pulling it Together: Tools for Test Preparation
The all night cram session, the caffeine overload, the last minute prayer--while popular approaches to test preparation, they lack the promise of a passing grade. Students will learn the more effective tricks of the trade for excelling on tests. They will discover how to predict test questions, use textbooks and notes for preparing for tests, and incorporate other strategies to help them achieve success.

Taking the Guesswork out of Test Takingstudents participating in problem solving workshop, using tinker toys
There is no mysterious wand work, no secret code, no hocus pocus behind excelling on tests. In fact, there are very practical and specific techniques behind successful test taking. Students will learn and apply these techniques and also discover ways to overcome test anxiety.

Solving Problems Creatively
Whether working with tinker toys to solve a current problem in society or engaging in an interactive ropes activity that requires out-of-the-box thinking, participants learn to hone their creative problem-solving skills.

Building Teamwork
Who will win the bid? In this active workshop, a fictional company (T.E.A.M) has plans to develop Toledo's waterfront; it is one of the biggest projects the city has ever seen. T.E.A.M has invited all interested builders (the workshop participants) to participate in a unique competition. The team of builders that constructs the tallest, free-standing structure (under strict time constraints) will win the bid.


Last Updated: 6/26/15