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The University of Toledo is proud to be a part of the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Program. The NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs program offers programming to cultivate student-athletes’ lives in five main areas: academic excellence, athletic excellence, personal development, career development and commitment to service. In 1991, the NCAA Foundation initiated efforts to create a total development program for student-athletes. Through the collaborative efforts of the NCAA Foundation and the Division 1A Athletic Directors' Association, the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program (Challenging Athletes' Minds for Personal Success) was created.

In 1994, after several years of development by the NCAA Foundation, the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program was launched to the NCAA membership. The mission of the CHAMPS (Challenging Athletes Minds for Personal Success) program is to support student-athletes in their academic, athletic, career, personal and community endeavors. Today, the NCAA Education Outreach staff oversees the development of the program, offering services, support and programs to participating institutions throughout the year. The CHAMPS/Life Skills Program is supported through the promotional and financial efforts of the NCAA Leadership Advisory Board and the NCAA national office.

The CHAMPS/Life Skills Program at the University of Toledo promotes events in the areas of community outreach through the “Rockets ‘Round Town” program.  While continuing to utilize campus services for job search and career planning, the department has enhanced its career development programming through its partnership with AfterSport, a student-athlete career planning organization that was founded and is run entirely by two former collegiate and professional athletes who have also been successful in corporate America. 

Last Updated: 3/6/17