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Workshops and Seminars

Current TRIO Scholars can find our calendar of events in Blackboard.

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* To reserve seating for a workshop, interested students should sign-up for special events in the TRIO Office.

Current TRIO Scholars can attend a workshop or request a personal seminar. Seminars can be conducted in-person or by video via Blackboard Collaborate and Skype.

Welcome Back Party

Our annual Welcome Back party permits students to meet the staff and other participants. Come to familiarize yourself with the office so that they can easily ocate staff, TRIO resources, and the computer lab.

Time Management

Are you missing appointments, chronically late to class, and generally finding time slipping away from you? The Why Don’t I Ever Have Any Time workshop promise a fun and interactive activity for taking control of your time, developing a manageable schedule and overcoming procrastination.

 Note taking "Just the Facts"

Do you have a difficult time taking lecture notes? Do they resemble the scribbles of a elementary child? Writing down everything does not work either. Whether you're sitting in class or in front of a textbook, taking notes is a skill that every college student should master. This seminar will introduce methods for taking notes and improving your listening skills.


Taking Notes from Textbook

Having trouble understanding your textbook? Can’t motivate yourself to read your textbooks because they are SO boring? Learn textbook reading strategies to understand material and motivate yourself to complete the readings.

Test Anxiety 

Many students "forget" or "blank out" what has been learned and perform poorly on tests. Test anxiety affects people from all walks of life. Whether you are a non-traditional student or fresh out of high school, test anxiety can be challenging. This workshop will provide instruction on test preparation, combating feelings of panic, and tips for making the most of your time during the actual test.


It’s On the Tip of My Tongue is for those of you who, at times, have trouble recalling what you just learned, read, or heard.

preparing for finals Acing Your Finals

Are you nervous about doing well on your final exams? You should be! Your final exam grade can count for upwards of 45% of your class grade. This free workshop will be filled with tips, strategies, and information that can make a difference in your final scores. Last minute tutoring and stress relief activities will also be provided at this workshop.

Graduate School

Students who are considering their options after graduation are encouraged to request this seminar from their advisor.

Credit and Money Management

Are you tired of running out of money and having to borrow money from friends and family? Learn how to apply a decision-making process to your financial choices and how to plan for earning, spending, and saving. Topics Covered: Identity Theft, your credit report, your consumer rights, handling bill collectors, and how to effectively pay off credit card debt.

Financial Aid

We will cover resources for funding your college education and answers to your questions about the financial aid process. UT calculates your Financial Aid Afinancial aidward, comprised of assistance from one or more sources, based on information you or your parents provide on the FAFSA and eligibility criteria for merit-based aid. This workshop assists students in understanding their Financial Aid Award, as shown on Web for Students.Members from the Office of Student Financial aid will explain the possible different award programs available such as grants, loans, and scholarship.

Motivation "Yes, I Can"

This Wednesday motivation workshop will improve your attitude and provide techniques to help refocus on doing your best.

Professional Development Seminar on Lifelong Learning

Join us for our annual seminar, Spring Into Summer, for students and their families. Each year a community leader will lecture on Lifelong Learning opportunities. Students will also receive instruction and mentoring for graduate school research and applications. At the end of the program TRIO Scholars will be recognized for student achievement.

Identity Theft and Financial Management

Information sharing and "oversharing" has become second-nature for young adults familiar with social media, smartphones, and WIFI access. Unfortunately, this also makes college students more susceptible for scams and fraud. While making ends meet and maintaining good credit is important; online shopping, completing forms and applications, and receiving credit card offers puts us at risk. At this interactive workshop you will learn budgeting strategies, how to use credit wisely, and to protect yourself from identity theft.

A2 + B2 = C2 Succeeding in Math

No matter your major, you have to take at least a couple of math courses. Do you dread going to math class? Are you tired of feeling lost in your math class? Attend this workshop where you’ll learn tips, strategies, and techniques to succeed in math.

Study Snacks

At the end of each semester the TRIO Student Support Services staff donate snacks for our students in the office. You are welcome to drop in and pick up a few snacks. Study Snacks are for TRIO students stuck in study carrel's surrounded by books, papers, and notes. Take a break from those long stretches of intense studying by visiting the the TRIO office.


Last Updated: 8/31/18