TRiO Student Support Services

The Student Support Services (SSS) Grant Aid

The TRiO SSS project now has funds to provide a grant to students.  Eligibility for the SSS grant is based on involvement, Pell Grant eligibility, financial need, and class standing. Please, note that TRIO SSS is not a scholarship program.

  • In order to be considered for the Grant Aid, the following student information will be reviewed and weighted by the selection committee:
    1. Pell Grant award recipient
    2. Active SSS participation
    3. At least half-time enrollment
    4. Class level (first or second year)
    5. Meet the Federal standards for academic progress (as published in the policy manual for UT)
    6. Financial need
    7. Academic standing
    8. Completion of the financial literacy workshop or online course
  • Grant Aid will no longer be available after 9/1/2015.
  • The SSS Grant Aid is a need-based grant awarded to participants in the TRIO Student Support Services project.
  • The value of award is based on student's need level; the minimum award amount is $573 for 2014-2015.
  • Only a small number of students earn the SSS Grant Aid annually.
  • The SSS Grant Aid is not a scholarship
  • The application for this award is only available from an SSS advisor. 
  • Awardees will be notified before the SSS Grant Aid is awarded.
  • Each SSS participant is considered for the SSS Grant Aid but an application must be on file prior to disbursement.
  • This award is non-renewable.
  • The award will prorate based on hours registered.  Students must attend classes, failure to do so could reduce the grant award for the term.
  • Active participation is dependent upon attending SSS workshops and activities and meeting with an SSS advisor or tutor. 
  • Grants are awarded after the completion of each semester.  This is subject to change if considered necessary by the SSS Program Director.
Last Updated: 6/26/15