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Frequently Asked Questions

A Success Coach is a student's central point of contact for any question or concern on campus.  If a coach does not know the answer, they will help a student get connected to the expert on campus to resolve the question/issue.

Who is my Success Coach?

Students are assigned a Success Coach at Orientation.  A Success Coach is assigned to a student from Orientation to Graduation.  If a student is unsure of who their Success Coach may be, they can: check their student information page via the Student Tab in the MyUT Portal; call the Center for Success Coaching at 419.530.1250; stop by Rocket Hall, Rm 1830; or e-mail

How will my Success Coach communicate with me?

Success Coaches communicate with students in the following ways: e-mail (to a student's Rockets e-mail), phone, text, in person, or social media. Rockets e-mail is the official mode of communication at the university.  Please let your Success Coach know of your preferred method of communication.

Are students required to meet with a Success Coach?

Students may be required to meet with their Success Coach depending on the circumstance.  It is HIGHLY recommended that students meet with their Success Coach on a regular basis if struggling with issues such as: adjustment/transitional issues to college such as homesickness; study strategies; time management skills; questions regarding resources, policies, and procedures; opportunities for involvement on campus; and more. Students on academic and/or financial probation should meet with their coach on a bi-weekly basis to create and work on an academic success plan.  Our goal is student success, retention, and graduation!  

What can I expect of my Success Coach as a student?

Success Coaches are here to help students succeed!  Just like students, they have busy lives teaching Orientation and Career classes, attending on-going professional development/training and coach meetings, offering workshops and programs, and serving many students.  Your Success Coach will respond to your questions and concerns as quickly as possible, always aiming for a 24-hour response time.  Coach office hours are 8:30 am - 5pm, Monday-Friday.   If a student's Success Coach is on vacation or out of the office, another Success Coach is always available to help. 

Last Updated: 11/11/16