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"It's been a while since I've talked with you! I thought I'd catch up with you a little bit, just because I feel like you played a huge part in getting me where I'm at now.  I'm LOVING my fall semester! I'm finally getting into all my science classes for my nursing major and everything is so interesting. I wanted to let you know that I've definitely taken your advice and tips from last year and have applied it to my classes this semester. I feel like my studying methods this semester are going really well, and I'm actually excited for my first exam! I'm so glad I chose the major that I chose.  You were an awesome help to me my first year, and I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how things are going so far!  I really think that the success coaches are extremely helpful. I think that the success coaches really help you sort of get everything straightened out. You were very helpful with my transition from high school to college!"                              -Rachel Donnelly, UT Student

“I really appreciate that you take the time to call and check in about the big UT deadlines.”
—Brandon Boehm, UT Student

“I would like to thank you for emailing me because there are times when I feel like I need help and have no one to talk to. Your emails help remind me to stay focused.”
—Denise Henry, UT Student

“It is so nice to know that there is someone my daughter can turn to for help and advice when we (Mom and Dad) can’t be there. I feel like my daughter’s success coach is someone my daughter can turn to when things seem a bit challenging and overwhelming.”
—Kathy Adkins, mother to UT Student Jessica Adkins



Last Updated: 6/9/16