Sustainability at The University of Toledo


 UT's Dining Services provider, ARAMARK, is committed to improving dining our experience while minimizing the environmental impact. Dining and Hospitality Services focuses on many sustainability initiatives featured through their Green Thread commitment.

green thread
  • Sustainable Packaging
    • To-go containers are made from 100% recycled content paperboard that is non-bleached
    • Napkins, paper towels and office paper are made of post-consumer recycled material
    • Box lunch containers from our Catering Department are paper-based
    • Grab 'n Go salads, sandwiches, parfaits and more are all packaged in biodegradable to-go containers
    • Used office print cartridges are sent back to the company for proper recycling
  • Sustainable Cleaning
    • Green Seal certified cleaning supplies are used at all dining locations
    • Follow Energy Star procurement policy on new dining appliances
    • This means, any new dining appliances we purchase are Energy Star qualified

    • All retail and residential locations at UT are 100% tray-less, reducing water usage (one-third to one-half gallon of water per tray) and eliminating the need to heat water (reducing energy usage)
  • Sustainable Eating
    • Coffee in all residential restaurants are UTZ-Certified
    • Purchase locally grown produce as frequently as possible from such vendors as Better Made, Awrey's Bakeries, Flat-Out Flatbread Wraps, Detroit Chili Company and many others.
    • utz"Locally grown" means the items are transported from within a 150-mile radius of UT = less harmful gas emissions to the Ozone.
    • Milk and icecream are hormone-free and antibiotic-free and comes from a local dairy farm
    • All eggs are cage-free
    • Used fryer oil is converted into biodiesel fuel
    • To prevent waste, perishables remaining at the end of each semester are donated to the Cherry Street Mission
Last Updated: 4/17/19