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The University of Toledo’s the Relevant University is a partnership with 760 WJR, 1370 WSPD and in print via The Toledo City Paper. The Relevant University will focus on the role of colleges and universities in their communities. You will hear from members of the Rocket Nation, our partners, our peers and those that are helping to shape the future of higher education.

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The importance of internships, co-ops and portfolio building as key elements to landing a job after graduation

March 24, 2015 • The Relevant University : Detroit

Landing a job directly out of college can be a daunting task. New graduates are faced with competition across the country from experienced professionals and classmates as they go for open positions. Preparation throughout their undergraduate career has become a key to landing that pivotal first job. Internships, co-ops and portfolio building are all ways students can get ahead of their competitors and network their way to a full-time position. On tonight’s show, host, Lawrence Burns, Vice President for External Affairs, will speak with four guests who are familiar with the importance of internships and experience building before graduation. Mary-Bec Gwyn, Associate Vice President for Branding and Creative Services at the University of Toledo will join Mr. Burns as cohost.

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Welcome Back: Season 3 Premiere

March 23, 2015 • The Relevant University : Toledo

On this episode of “The Relevant University” host Larry Burns, vice president for external affairs at The University of Toledo, kick-off the season by introduces co-host, Mary-Bec Gwyn, associate vice-president for branding and creative services. Guests talk about new developments at The University of Toledo, education technology, and the areas streams, rivers, and lakes.

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A Discussion on Division I College Football and it’s Impact on Universities Across the Country

February 24, 2015 • The Relevant University : Detroit

Tonight, we will speak to four guests about current happenings within Division I college football and the impact it is having at universities and around the country. It is my privilege to have Mr. Michael O’Brien, Vice President and Director of Athletics at the University of Toledo, as my cohost.

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An Inside Look at Colleges of Business and Emerging Trends

January 27, 2015 • The Relevant University : Detroit

In order to keep up with trends in the business world, colleges of business are constantly changing and adapting. They house the next great leaders in the field of sales, management and accounting and are preparing students for careers throughout the world. The support from alumni and community has become an important resource for both colleges of business and graduates. On the January edition of “The Relevant University,” Lawrence J. Burns, vice president for external affairs at The University of Toledo, interviews guests who will discuss emerging trends within colleges of business, the process behind hiring graduates and exciting programs allowing students to work with corporate partners and gain valuable research experience while in the classroom.

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The College Search Process: Internships

The Relevant University : WTAM 1100 Cleveland spot

Employers now prefer students with relevant internship experience. Larry Burns, vice president for external affairs at UT, and Billy Pierce, UT’s director of undergraduate admission, talk about the importance of experiential learning on this segment.


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