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Placement Testing

Math Placement:
All direct from high school and new first time students are required to take a math placement test.

Students have two options to take the math placement test:

1. The ALEKS placement test - this test is available online

    • Cost is $25 paid directly to ALEKS
    • Learn more about the ALEKS Math Placement
    • Begin testing
      *The ALEKS test costs $25 for 1 initial test and up to 2 re-tests

2. The College Algebra on-campus placement test

    • Located on Main Campus in the Test Center, Memorial Field House 1080, 419.530.1269
    • This is available to students at no cost
    • There is no re-testing available with the on-campus placement test

Chemistry Placement:
All direct from high school students and new first time students are required to take a Chemistry placement test.

  • Nursing Students:
    Students interested in pursuing Nursing as their major should take the Chemistry for Health Sciences Placement Test. This test is ONLY available at the Main Campus Test Center (Memorial Field House 1080, 419.530.1269) and there is no fee.

  • All Other Students - All other students should take the ALEKS Chemistry Placement test.

Please call University College at 419.530.3142 to schedule an advising appointment to determine which placement tests you may need. 

Last Updated: 11/16/17