UT Testing Services

Distance Learning Proctoring Services

Some online courses require exams to be proctored. A proctor is an impartial individual who can administer, monitor, and supervise the exam process following the guidelines provided by your home institution.

Candidates should contact the UT Testing Center to be sure that we will be able to proctor your exam, and then follow the procedures of your school or instructor for having the exam material sent to us. You can contact us at:

UT Testing Services
Main Campus
Memorial Field House 1080

Please note:

  • Candidates are required to make an appointment for their test and it is the candidate's responsibility to contact the test center before they arrive for the exam to be sure that all test materials have been received

  • A current ID with a photo and signature is required (driver's license, state ID, etc.) unless your school specifically indicates that a school ID is acceptable

  • The UT Testing Services staff will follow all instructions provided by your school/program

  • All personal items (cell phone, wallet, purse, watch, etc.) will be placed in a locker and will not be accessible until after the test is completed

  • The fee for proctoring an exam is $30.00 (for up to a two hour exam appointment) and $5.00 for each additional appointment hour. These fees are payable by credit card, check or money order when the exam is taken.   
Last Updated: 12/13/18