Off-Campus and Extended Programs

off campus programs

Off-Campus and Extended Programs (OCAEP) brings a quality "on campus" education and academic service to the workplace and other off-campus locations. The University of Toledo comes to the student by delivering courses and degree programs on-site at a place of employment or other location.

OCAEP serves the educational needs of students who otherwise would be excluded from higher education due to the distance from UT's campus or because work schedules prohibit the student from taking courses on campus. The division is the link, offering convenient educational needs to off-campus students with the appropriate educational programs and highly qualified faculty at The University of Toledo. We can provide the programs on-site, online or a hybrid approach with courses offered days, evenings and weekends.

Program Benefits: 

  • Off-campus courses at your location
  • Choose from certificates, associate's degree, bachelor's degree, graduate degrees, or single courses
  • Convenient and flexible dates and times customized to your organization/group
  • Degree electives tailored to the needs of the organization/group
  • Flexible delivery (face-to-face, online, hybrid courses)
  • On-site academic advising
  • Programs offered in a cohort format
  • Convenient registration
  • Textbooks delivered to the site
  • Direct billing available for companies with tuition reimbursement policies
  • No "on campus" parking fees
  • Possible scholarship opportunities
  • Link the educational needs of your organization with the appropriate educational programs and highly qualified faculty from a world class university
  • A gateway to all of the university's colleges

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Last Updated: 7/12/18