Department of Exploratory Studies

Working With Your Academic Advisor

 Services You Can Expect from Your Department of Exploratory Studies Advisor 

  • Attention to your individual needs and goals
  • Guidance in understanding how to choose courses to meet degree requirements
  • Help to explore your interests, abilities and skill; and in relating them back to your goals and career interests
  • General advising help with academic policies and procedures
  • Review of your academic performance (GPA) as it relates to your ability to declare a major or be competitive toward programs with selective admission requirements
  • Transfer credit processing and evaluation
  • Aid in understanding how to use the Degree Audit Report (DAR)
  • Be a responsive listener and refer you to appropriate support services and campus resources as needed
  • Being regularly available for appointments.

What UT and Your Department of Exploratory Studies Advisor Expects from You 

  • Learn the Grade Point Average (GPA), course requirements, and all the details of the program requirements for the Major(s) you are interested in pursuing. This is your responsibility as a student to meet the requirements to graduate in a timely manner.
  • To know your priority registration date
  • Seek advise whenever you need it
  • Inform your advisor immediately whenever a serious problem (medical, financial, personal) disrupts your ability to attend classes or interferes with your ability to focus on your education
  • Follow university procedures and deadlines for registering for courses and making adjustments to your schedule
  • Declare your major as soon as you know what it is and have the GPA to do so (Financial aid is available to undecided students but for a maximum of 3 semesters and depends on your having at least a 2.0 GPA!)
  • Plan ahead for your goals
  • Come to appointments prepared with any questions you have
  • Learn how to read and understand you Degree Audit Report (DAR)
  • Use the resources available to you!! Most are FREE – or at least already paid for with your student fees.









Last Updated: 6/9/16