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Office of Student Services

Main Campus
3100 Gillham Hall, MS 914
Toledo, OH 43606
419-530-2495 (phone)
419-530-2906 (phone)
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Judith Herb College of Education:  Contact Information

Judith Herb College of Education
2801 W. Bancroft St
Toledo, OH 43606
Gillham Hall - Mail Stop: 914
Phone: 419.530.2495



Dr. Virginia L.Keil
Interim Dean 
Phone: 419.530.2491
Email: virginia.keil@utoledo.edu

  Dr. Richard Welsch 
Associate Dean
Phone: 419.530.7736
Email: richard.welsch@utoledo.edu

Annette Maczko
Business Manager
Phone: 419.530.8486
Email: annette.maczko@utoledo.edu
  Heather Tessler
Director of Student Services
Phone: 419.530.2495
Email: heather.tessler@utoledo.edu



Dr. Rebecca Schneider
Department Chair
Curriculum and Instruction
Phone: 419.530.2504
Email: rebecca.schneider@utoledo.edu


Dr. Edward Janak
Department Chair
Educational Foundations and Leadership
Phone: 419.530.4114
Email: Edward.Janak@UToledo.edu


Dr. Laurie Dinnebeil
Department Chair
Early Childhood, Physical
and Special Education
Phone: 419.530.4118
Email: laurie.dinnebeil@utoledo.edu





Joshua Spieles
Carver Resource Center
Phone: 419.530.2835
Email: joshua.spieles@utoledo.edu


Dale Snauwaert
Center for Nonviolence and Democratic Education
Phone:  419.530.2478
Email:  dale.snauwaert@utoledo.edu

Last Updated: 3/20/17