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Obtaining User Accounts


This document describes how to obtain user accounts on multi-user systems managed by or hosted by, Information Technology.  It also lists some of the available features of those systems where possible.

Please note the following:

All enrolled UT students, faculty and staff receive a UTAD account for logging into computers on campus.  Email accounts should be activated at the same time you activate your UTAD account.  Spam filtering is set at the firewall level and on the Exchange server which manages campus email.

Banner, Lawson and Web Report library accounts can be acquired by logging into, then go to employee tab, system access forms.  These accounts may require written justification and authorization by a supervisor. 

UTAD Account

UTAD accounts allow the holder to log onto any computer on campus and access their home directory ("H" drive) and departmental shares ("Z" drive). UTAD email accounts should be activated at the same time.  To activate go to

View the MyUT Account Manual


All enrolled UT students, faculty and staff must request email account activation by using before the first use. These accounts allow the holder to send and receive Internet electronic mail using workstation software or via the web.  Once your request for email account activation has taken place, students will connect to to access their email and faculty/staff will connect to  The email account remains active until the owner is no longer at UT. Unless registered, student email accounts expire after the 14th day of the term, and are purged 30-days later. This 30-day lag time gives the account holder time to notify their contacts of the change and to retrieve any mail. Spring term e-mail accounts remain valid through the summer, but will be purged fall semester if not registered.

Distance Learning 

Learning Ventures is the new home of UT online/distance education, previously called Distance Learning.  Visit to scan through many resources provided to faculty, staff and students.  They offer tutorials and workshops on technology software such as Blackboard and Echo 360.

To contact Learning Ventures for accounts or questions, call 419-530-8835 or  (866-UToledo, toll free) or email

Last Updated: 6/9/16