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When most of his high school classmates were using tri-fold displays for class presentations, Ryeon chose a more creative method for delivering his reports through videos.

"I would make a comedy, so not only am I giving them the information, but I'm doing it in an entertaining way," Ryeon recalls of his early creative efforts. "It was a more entertaining way to solve problems."

I could never have imagined the liberation that came from learning that I could do something I love as a career.
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Film major, College of Arts and Letters '17
As a college student, Ryeon was recruited to play Division I football and chose to major in journalism, the program of study that most closely matched his interest in video productions. But attending a larger school and focusing on athletics was not the college experience Ryeon had hoped to enjoy.

"I came out of high school going to college to play football for a Division I university, and there was a lot of pressure to do athletics," Ryeon recalls of his early college experience. "I knew it was something that I liked, but I didn't feel like it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I knew film was."

During the summer following his freshman year, Ryeon visited The University of Toledo and explored the city, attending a Toledo Mud Hens baseball game, and connecting with members of the UT chapter of his fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma. He also visited the College of Communication and the Arts to learn more about UT's film program. For Ryeon, the visit was impactful, but the driving influence in his decision to transfer to UT was the opportunity to pursue a major in something he loved.

UT's film program aligned with his interest in developing productions and provided opportunities to immerse himself in the field through on-campus jobs and internships. Working with UT Online, Ryeon edits educational videos for professors teaching online courses. He's also getting hands-on experience working in the equipment room.

"Working in the film equipment room is directly related to my interest in film production," he says. "I'm taught how to set up, design and repair equipment. I've learned settings. I've learned about the art form that I'm studying."

Ryeon has no regrets as he looks back on his decision to transfer and change the course of his undergraduate career. At UT, he is submerged in a group of students who enjoy film and art as much as he does.

"It's something that I love to do, so going to class and learning about it doesn't seem like going to class. It's like going to do a hobby," he explains. "It's enjoyable because of this drive and this motivation to do something that I really love to do."

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