Office of the Registrar

Registration Dates - 2016 Fall

Important Registration Deadlines

Course registrations after the end of the on-line add period will require signatures of the instructor and the Dean of your college.  Course registrations after the add/drop period for each Part of Term must be requested on the Request for Non-Funded Late Registration form and  have the additional signature of the appropriate Provost/Chancellor; Main Campus, UH 3340; Health Science Campus, MLB 0213.

Additional Parts of Term exist that are applicable to specific programs.  

EMBA students should refer to the program's web site (click here).  
Medical students should refer to the schedules listed on the MD curriculum pages on MD web site (click here). 

Part of Term (POT) 
POT Description
1 Full Term
8 First Half of Term
9 Second Half of Term
O Open Session (flex)
LAW Law Full Term
E1 EMBA 1st Quarter
E4 EMBA 4th Quarter
E5 EMBA 5th Quarter
H1 Med 1st Year
H2 Med 2nd Year
H3 Med 3rd Year
H4 Med 4th Year
HE MD Preclinical Electives

Important note about Open Session Courses: 

Drop and withdrawal dates are prorated for flexibly scheduled courses that do not meet during the standard start/stop dates of the term. To add, drop or withdraw from a course after the last day to add or drop via the posted web dates, visit Rocket Solution Central (RSC) in Rocket Hall, Room 1200 to complete the registration adjustment with a course request form.  Signatures are required to add a course once the class begins.

Priority Registration
Priority registration for the Fall semester begins March 23, 2016.  Refer to the chart below to determine your assigned date:

Continuing & Transfer Readmit Student Groups Fall 2016
Honors, Graduate levels, Athletes, ROTC (Only ROTC Scholarship Cadets), Salford Students, Students with Disabilities, Student Disability Services Note Takers and Military/Veteran 03/23/2016
Distance Learning Only Program 03/24/2016
100  or more earned hours 03/25/2016
90 or more earned hours 03/28/2016
80 or more earned hours 03/30/2016
UWD (Undergraduate with Degree) 04/01/2016
70 or more earned hours 04/04/2016
60 or more earned hours 04/06/2016
50 or more earned hours 04/08/2016
40 or more earned hours 04/11/2016
30 or more earned hours 04/13/2016
20 or more earned hours 04/15/2016
10 or more earned hours 04/18/2016
1 or more earned hours 04/20/2016
New Students in current Spring term 04/22/2016
Open Registration 04/23/2016
Program 60 08/19/2016
New Students
Must attend orientation (Rocket Launch) to be advised and to register for classes. 
Transfer Students
Attend/complete orientation (Rocket Transition/Online Orientation) to be advised and to register for classes.


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