College of Law

Law Coronavirus FAQ

Updated Jan. 10, 2023
In alignment with The University of Toledo's proactive measures to safeguard health and safety, we continue to ask our community to do their part to keep campus safe. The college's FAQ below will provide guidance during this time. Visit the UToledo COVID-19 Response site for critical University updates.

Health & Safety

  • Where do I find information about COVID-19 resources at UToledo?
  • Are masks required on campus?
  • What are the classroom procedures related to COVID?
  • Are there hand sanitizers in the Law Center building?

Academic Services

  • What are the dates for classes and examinations?
  • What is the current grading system?
  • What are the potential course delivery methods?
  • I am in a CDC high-risk category for COVID, how do I request accommodations?
  • Which classes count toward the 15-credit limit on Distance Learning courses in the college's Academic Rules?

Student Support

  • What do I do if I am ill?
  • What about the attendance policy?
  • Is COVID-19 testing available for students?
  • What counseling services are available to students?
  • What if I decide to travel? Do I need to self-quarantine?
  • I am having a financial emergency related to COVID-19 or another issue, who should I contact?
  • Who can help me with IT issues with my computer and online learning?
  • Will I still be able to meet with faculty and offices like Law Financial Aid, Law Registrar, and Office of Professional Development?
  • What are my options for on-campus parking?
  • Who can assist with questions related to the bar exam or bar application?

Law Library

Cindy Kirby
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Last Updated: 1/10/23