College of Business and Innovation

Minoring in Business

Undergraduate Minors for College of Business Majors

Students majoring in business at UT can complement their BBA or BSIT degree by completing a minor in a field other than their major field of study. College of Business BBA majors can currently minor in every field offered as a major in the College of Business, in addition to several other fields.

The following requirements for the minors are taken from the University Catalog and are subject to change at any time by vote of the faculty, and as such the following text is provided for informational purposes only. Please check with the Office of Student Retention and Academic Success for the most current requirements for the minors. All students must make formal application to declare their Business minor.

BBA students cannot duplicate credit in their minor, area of specialization and upper division core. Each business minor consists of three courses (9 hours), unless otherwise noted. BBA students must complete the 9 credit hours of 3000/4000-level business electives to fulfill their BBA degree requirements even if they are not completing a Business Minor.

Accounting (Minor for Business Students)

Accounting courses designed for non-accounting majors are currently not being offered. Students who meet the eligibility requirements to enroll in Accounting major courses (minimum 2.75 higher ed GPA and 2.75 in BUAD 2040 + 2050 or equivalent courses), may select any 3 ACCT major courses to meet the requirements of an ACCT minor. ACCT 3110 is the pre/co requisite to all other accounting courses. 

Business Law
Complete three of the following:
BLAW 3550 Legal and Safety Compliance Issues in HR Management
BLAW 3570 The Laws of Structuring and Operating an Business
BLAW 3670 International Business Law
BLAW 4570 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Managing Innovation and Technology
BLAW 4580 Detection and Prevention of Deceptive Business Practices
MGMT 3770 Ethics in Leadership and Management

Commercial Real Estate
FINA 3660 Real Estate Principles, Practices and Finance
FINA 3670 Real Estate Valuation
FINA 3680 Real Estate Law, Insurance and Taxes

EBUS 3090 E-Commerce and the Networked Economy
EBUS 3180 Web Design for Business Communications

Choose one of the following:
EBUS 4040 E-Commerce Intelligence Management
INFS 3150 Priniciples of Structural Computer Programming
MKTG 3280 Internet Marketing

Entrepreneurship, Family and Small Business
EFSB 3590 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
EFSB 4010 Growing Family and Entrepreneurial Businesses
EFSB 3480 Entrepreneurial Finance or FINA 4840 Small Business Finance

FINA 3480 Investments
FINA 4080 Intermediate Corporate Finance
FINA 4090 Financial Institutions and Markets

Financial Services
Complete three of the following:
FINA 3480, 3660, 4090, 3600, 3670, 4870, 3610, 4100, 4890; and PSLS 3440

Information Systems
INFS 3250 Software Applications in Business or INFS 3770 Database Management Systems

Two additional INFS elective courses from the following:
INFS 3150, 3160, 3240, 3250, 3370, 3380, 3770, 3780, 3980, 4300, 4320, 4510, 4620, 4810

Insurance and Risk Management
FINA 3600 Risk Management
FINA 3610 Life and Health Insurance
FINA 4890 Finanaial and Estate Planning

International Business
Complete three of the following:
BLAW 3670; FINA 3500; IBUS 3150, 3600, 4100, 4180, 4360, 4490; MKTG 3140, 3260, 4220

Complete three of the following:
HURM 3220 Human Resource Management
HURM 3630 Conflict Management
MGMT 3770 Ethics in Leadership and Management
MGMT 4210 Leading and Managing Organizational Improvement
MGMT 4250 Performance Management
MGMT 4780 Leadership and Managerial Competencies

MKTG 3850 Buyer Behavior orMKTG 3880 Marketing Research

Two additional electives from the following:
MKTG 3130, 3140, 3260, 3280, 3690, 3850 OR 3880, 3870, 3910, 4120, 4220, 4520, 4540, 4570, 4980, 4990; PSLS 3080, 3440, 4710, 4740

Operations Management
Select three from the following:
OPMT 3340 Quality Management
OPMT 3610 Production Planning and Scheduling
OPMT 3660 Materials Management and Purchasing
OPMT 4760 Simulation Modeling

Professional Sales
PSLS 3440 Professional Sales

Select two from the following:
PSLS 3080 Purchasing and Business Relationship Marketing
PSLS 3450 Account and Territory Management
PSLS 4710 Sales Force Leadership
PSLS 4740 Advanced Sales
MKTG 4540 Business Marketing

Supply Chain Management
MKTG 3130 Supply Chain Management

Select two from the following:
MKTG 4220 International Sourcing, Logistics, Transportation
OPMT 3340 Quality Management
OPMT 3660 Materials Management and Purchasing

Last Updated: 6/9/16