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Placement Testing

Placement Testing - Contact Phone Number 419.530.1269,  Click here for Test Center Hours

Placement tests and ACT (or SAT) scores are used by our departments to place students into the correct Math, Chemistry, and Foreign Language.

Placement Tests Offered at Main Campus Testing Center:

ALEKS - Recommended Mathematics test - available online to take at home and anywhere you have access.

Mathematics, Chemistry, and Foreign Languages  - Multiple choice paper based exams - Must be taken at the Testing Center.

A student takes the hard copy test and enters the answers into a computer.
The computer scores the test and is entered in to UT student management system, Banner.

Visit the Office of New Student Orientation website for addition placement testing information:  

Placement testing for NEW students

Placement testing for TRANSFER students

Please note the following:

  • A photo ID is required in order to take any tests.
  • Bring Rocket Numberr and UTAD username and password.
  • All tests must be completed by the time the test center closes.
  • Items NOT allowed in the testing room include: food, drinks, cell phones or any electronic devices, backpacks, purses, hats, sunglasses, or key chains. Storage lockers are available on-site for these items. Cell phones must be turned off prior to storage.
  • Test Center staff has final determination of what is allowed into the testing room.

Placement testing is on a walk-in basis - No appointment is needed.

It is highly recommended that you call the Test Center (419.530.1269) prior to driving to campus to ensure it is open, as hours are subject to change.  Please bring a valid form of picture identification with you (driver's license, passport, high school ID or state ID), UTAD username, UTAD password, and your Rocket Number to complete placement testing.

If you have any further questions regarding placement tests, please call your college. Click here for college contact information.

Holiday and Semester Break Hours may vary - contact our office to confirm availability.

The Test Center is closed on all University recognized holidays.

Placement Tests Info:
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ALEKS is an online computer based Math placement test that can be taken at any computer you have access to.  You have three (3) opportunities to test with ALEKS. hand holding a pencil

ALEKS is the recommended Math Placement Test at the University of Toledo at this time.

For more information about ALEKS, Click here.

After reading about ALEKS, Please Click Here to Login, provide payment, and begin testing.

Paper Based: 

Paper based exams can only be taken ONCE

Paper based mathematics is an acceptable alternative to ALEKS ( ALEKS is a recommended online Math Placement test)

No time limit (“Designed 45 Minutes for average student”) No Calculator is allowed. Two (2) Tests:

  • College Algebra
  • Trigonometry

:  Time limit - 45 Minutes, 44 Questions, simple scientific calculator is allowed (“Like a TI-30”)

Foreign Languages:  Time limit - One Hour; Multiple Choice Questions,  Five (5) Options:

  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Latin
  • Spanish

For ALL Other Foreign Language Placements Tests, such as Arabic, please contact Foreign Language Department at 419.530.2606. 

Chinese is arranged through Confucius Institute, Contact at (419) 530-7750.

English Second Language (ESL) Placement Tests is an Essay Format in response to given prompts (Blue Book).

One dictionary allowed - either paperback or electronic.

Last Updated: 3/23/15