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FMLA/ADA Training

Please complete this form to register for the upcoming FMLA / ADA Training,  which provides an overview of applicable laws, regulations, and university policies to help navigate Manager/Supervisor responsibilities. Seating is limited due to room capacity. Additional sessions will be scheduled as needed.

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The University of Toledo is committed to developing one of our most valuable resources -- our staff and faculty. To that end, the Talent Development arm of Human Resources is facilitating a myriad of training programs and classes. They include:

Manager/Supervisor Training program consisting of two paths:

  • A Core Basics program geared to giving employees the tools to manage within the setting of UToledo. This includes such topics as: customer service standards, dealing with absenteeism or tardiness, harassment and retaliation, and an overview of UToledo Human Resources policies.

  • A Skills Basics program geared toward helping grow leadership and management abilities. This program includes such topics as: motivation and engagement, time management, tough conversations, and managing generations differently.

Wellness Programs --

Individual Development -- designed to give the employee the skills and traits to facilitate advancement with the institution.

The Office of Quality and Continuous Learning -- OQCL serves as the internal UToledo resource responsible for creating a culture of continuous improvement and ongoing learning.  By connecting leadership, faculty and staff in identified UToledo continuous improvement and learning initiatives, processes and procedures, UToledo will deliver excellent standards of performance and service to students and patients.

Request to Assign EverFi Course for Search Committee Training -- A list of potential committee members should be forwarded to:

    • For Staff Searches ~ Human Resources Consultant/Specialist
    • For Faculty Searches, Mary Morrison

There must be both genders and minority representation on search committees

Last Updated: 10/14/20