Staff Leadership Development Program

Are you ready to make the next step toward leadership?

Application Process

  • Applications Accepted - Annually, mid- to late September
  • Selection Notification - by mid-October
  • 2019-20 Program Begins - October
  • Program Completed - The following October
  • Graduation - November


Launched in 2017, UToledo's Staff Leadership Development provides a formal career pathway for emerging leaders to strengthen there leadership skills, as well as expand their network among diverse colleagues at The University of Toledo.

If you’re ready to take the next career step toward becoming a leader, the Staff Leadership Development program will provide you with an incredible opportunity to grow, both professionally and personally! Applications are accepted each fall, and those who are not selected are strongly encouraged to re-apply.


  • Identify and provide leadership development for potential leaders while helping to ensure the continuity of UToledo's future leadership.
  • Provide a process for effective career development, as well as a mechanism for cross-campus networking and dialogue with senior leaders.
  • Broaden participants’ understanding of how the University operates, and explore current trends in higher education.
  • Improve participants' fundamental skills and abilities.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Full-time staff members who are high-potential leaders;
  • Minimum of two years of UToledo service;
  • Ability to devote at least three hours per month to prepare for and actively participate in leadership sessions, group activities, reading assignments and other cohort requirements; and
  • Submission of application form approved by a UToledo dean, vice president or senior leader / administrator.


PROGRAM Overview

The Staff Leadership Development Curriculum is a one-year program that provides learning and development opportunities through courses, lectures, assessments and experiential learning. The courses are facilitated by UToledo senior leaders, faculty and subject matter experts.

Topics covered include emerging trends in higher education; fiscal, ethical, legal and human resources issues; emotional intelligence; student-related issues, including recruitment and enrollment; diversity and inclusion; service excellence; and more.

A cohort of approximately 20 selected participants representing a diverse cross-section of University employees are selected annually and participate each month from October through the following October, except during July and August when assigned readings must be completed.



  • “It’s been a fantastic opportunity to grow under amazing mentors, not to mention networking across departments, colleges and campuses.” – Shawna Babula, success coach, Center for Success Coaching
  • “I really enjoyed meeting, and discussing topics with, various leaders of Student Affairs, Finance, Diversity and Inclusion, Legal and other areas, as well as insights shared by President Sharon Gaber.” – Craig Turner, career recruiter advisor, College of Business and Innovation
  • “The biggest benefit, both professionally and personally, was the focus on actually applying the knowledge we learned. The concept of ‘getting results’ is carried throughout the SLD program.” – Colleen Miller, contract compliance officer, Legal Affairs
  • “I’ve learned a great deal about my own leadership style and how I can become a more effective leader. The program has served as a hub for sharing best practices.” – Jon Pawlecki, director for student services and transfer partnerships, College of Engineering
  • “It’s a great program for those looking for leadership positions and it provides insights into other areas of the University you may not necessarily be involved with on a day-to-day basis.” – Jamie Fager, senior business manager, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • “The time commitment is easy to incorporate, and the game-changer project enables you to advance a key project already in your mind to help you better understand how you can make a meaningful impact.” – Deirdre Jones, director for the Edward H. School of Professional Sales, College of Business and Innovation


2019 - 20 COHORT


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