Office of Student Financial Aid

Loan Consolidation

Borrowers with eligible federal student loans may want to consider consolidating their loans by applying for a Federal Consolidation Loan.

Benefits of Loan Consolidation Through the Direct Consolidation Loan Program Include:

  • No origination fees or early repayment penalties
  • Extend the term of the loans by combining multiple loans into one, and reduce monthly payments — you pick the plan that best meets your needs
  • Lower cost solution than other forms of financing, e.g. high interest rate credit cards
  • A single point of contact for servicing and managing your student loan debt
  • Apply via the web at or click here to get additional information about your loans and the consolidation process.

Note: If you are still in school and have Federal Stafford loans, recent changes to Federal legislation has eliminated your ability to consolidate loans while in school.

Applying is fast, easy and FREE! You can apply in minutes at



Last Updated: 10/27/20