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The following are links to useful resources outside of the PSRC web site.  Following the links will cause you to exit the PSRC web site.  Hit the back button to return the web site when finished.

Information Resources


Back to Basics
Illustrates common nutrient deficiency symptoms of many agronomic and turf crops.
Helpful commercial site about hydroponics and setting up smaller scale greenhouses.

Iowa State University Extension
Provides helpful diagnostic tips on nutrient deficiencies in field crops.

Maumee Valley Growers
An industry-based association committed to sustaining and growing the greenhouse industry in Northwest Ohio.

NC State University - Floriculture Deficiency Series
Sows the symptoms of many cultural problems in floriculture crops.
Ohio State Extension
Contains useful agricultural oriented information.
Scotts Professional Horticulture Solutions
Contains useful information about fertilizer types.
Texas A&M - Nursery, Floral, and Landscape Network
Helpful resources on all things related to nursery, floral, and landscape production including hydroponics and integrated pest management.
University of Missouri Extension
Provides useful advice for the consumer as well as some for the producer, including some nutrient deficiency symptoms.

University of Tennessee Extension
Commercial and Consumer horticulture oriented information.

Utah State University - Crop Physiology Laboratory
Contains useful information on hydroponics and their current research.

Virtual Grower
Greenhouse simulation software.  Useful for predicting heating costs and plant growth.

News Letters

America in Bloom
Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting nationwide beautification programs.
Big Grower Bottom Line
Newsletter aimed at large commercial growers.
GPN Weekly
Newsletter covering the commercial grower industry.
Greenbeam News Letters
Four different newsletters, each covering different parts of the grower industry. 
Greenhouse Grower's "BenchRunner"
News and useful tools relative to the grower industry.
Green Profit's "buZZ"
Newsletter covering retail news from inside and outside the green industry.
A newsletter brought to you by GrowerTalks and Green Profit.
GrowerTalks Acres Online
A weekly news and commentary service of GrowerTalks magazine.
Making Cents
Online blog with information on economic factors in the green industry.
MSU Greenhouse CAT Alert
Cultural practices and pest management advice for growing greenhouse garden plants.
Today's Garden Center
Online news and newsletter covering the green industry.

Plant and Soil Testing

A&L Great Lakes Lab, Inc.
Provides laboratory testing services for the agriculture and horticulture industries.
Easy to use test kits, reagents, and laboratory testing service for agricultural diagnostics.
AgSource Belmond Labs
Provides laboratory testing services for the agriculture and horticulture industries.
The American Phytopathological Society
Click "Soil Labs and Plant Clinics" link for a list of university related diagnostic labs.
Brookside Farms Lab
Offer soil, soil-less media, plant, water, and fertigation testing for the greenhouse and nursery industry.
Conrad Fafard, Inc.
Offer mix, water, fertilizer, and plant tissue analysis.
Cal Mar Soil Testing Lab
Offer laboratory analysis of soil samples.
Chemical Service Lab, Inc.
Phone: (812)280-1090
Offer animal manure laboratory testing.
Rapid test kits for detecting genetic markers, mycotoxins, molds, plant pathogens, algal toxins, and pesticides.
Hydros, Inc.
Onsite plant disease diagnostics kits.
Ingrams Soil Testing Center
Phone: (217)728-7413
Offer soil analysis.
JR Peters Lab
Offer nutritional analysis and quality control monitoring, including media, tissue, water and fertilizer solution analysis, and physical analysis of soilless media.
Midwest Laboratories
Offer fertilizer, manure, plant material, seed, soil, and water analysis.
Mowers Soil Testing Plus, Inc.
Specializes in soil and nematode analysis, crop consulting, and nutrient/manure management.
Scotts Testing Laboratory
Provide water, tissue, and media test kits.
Spectrum Analytic
Offer soil, plant, fertilizer, manure, and water analysis.
United Soils, Inc.
Offer soil analysis services.
Waters Agricultural Labs
Offer soil, plant, nematode, water, fertilizer, manure, and pesticide/herbicide residue analysis.
Last Updated: 6/30/19