Student Services

How do I attend another school as a guest or transient student?

After checking important details like the application process, financial considerations, school calendar, etc., complete the Transient Student Advance Approval form HERE. The form requires your advisor's and/or Director's signature. The form must be submitted to the Student Services Office (UH 3000), and your courses must be approved in advance of your enrollment elsewhere as a guest. This important step assures you that your courses will apply to your UT program or serve as prerequisites, and it helps you avoid having to reapply as a transfer readmit upon your return to UT.

Important notes: (1) The grades earned in courses taken at other institutions cannot be used to delete grades of UT courses from the UT transcript GPA calculation (University policy). (2) Grades in major, minor and UT Core courses taken at other institutions will be used in the calculations of GPA's in those requirement categories. 

Last Updated: 2/4/20