University Policy

Kidney Transplant

3364-140-01 Living Renal Donor (CMS-X057)
3364-140-02 Living Renal Donor Management and Follow Up Care After Donation
3364-140-03 Living Renal Donor Selection
3364-140-04 Psychosocial Evaluation of Potential Transplant Candidate
3364-140-05 Psychosocial Evaluation of Potential Living Kidney Donor
3364-140-06 Pre-Transplant Encounter Between the Transplant Coordinator and the Renal Patient
3364-140-07 Immediate Post-Operative Follow Up of Transplant Patients by the Renal Transplant Coordinator
3364-140-08 Post-Discharge Follow Up of Transplant Patients by the Transplant Coordinator
3364-140-09 Opportunity for Living Transplantation
3364-140-11 Guarantor Information for Living Kidney Donation
3364-140-13 Coordination of Dietary, Social Work Services and Financial Counselor for Transplantation Patients
3364-140-16 Selection of Patients for Deceased Donor Renal Transplantation
3364-140-17 Selection of Candidates for Renal Transplantation
3364-140-18 PRA (Panel Reactive Antibodies) Screening and Crossmatches
3364-140-20 Renal Transplant Conference/Candidate Selection
3364-140-21 Selection of a Recipient When a Deceased Donor Kidney Becomes Available
3364-140-24 Human Resource Management
3364-140-25 Management of Patient Records
3364-140-26 Waitlist Management of Transplant Patients
3364-140-27 Data Submission for Transplant Patients
3364-140-29 Notification of CMS of Changes in Transplant Program
3364-140-30 Outpatient Nutrition Screening for Recipient and Donor Renal Transplant Patient
3364-140-31 Independent Living Donor Advocate
3364-140-32 Informed Consent for Potential Renal Transplant Candidate
3364-140-33 Informed Consent Process - Confidentiality
3364-140-34 Dialysis Facility Communication
3364-140-35 Living Transplantation Compatibility Verification
3364-140-36 Immunosuppressant Withdrawal After Loss of Renal Allograft
3364-140-37 Renal Transplantation in HIV Positive Patients
3364-140-38 Selection Criteria for Renal Transplant Candidates
3364-140-39 Referral for Renal Transplant Candidates for Psychiatric Evaluation
3364-140-41 Management of the Recipient after Renal Transplantation
3364-140-42 Storage of Vessels for Transplantation
3364-140-43 Organ Transplant Packing
3364-140-44 American Kidney Fund Petty Cash Account
3364-140-45 Transplant Adverse Events
3364-140-46 Emergency Preparedness Policy for Renal Transplant Program
3364-140-47 Blood Type A2, A2B Kidney Transplant Policy
3364-140-48 Extra Vessels Policy

Last Updated: 6/30/23