Undergraduate Admission

Freshman Admission Requirements

These admission requirements are for first-time college freshmen who are coming to UToledo directly from high school. These apply even if you have taken post-secondary/College Credit Plus (CCP) or Tech Prep courses).

I am an international student

Your admission reqirements differ. 

International Admission Requirements

I am an adult or transfer student

Visit our Adult and Transfer Admission webpage for admission requirements if you are:

  • Attending college for the first time, but not immediately after high school
  • Have a GED and never attended college
  • Are transferring from another college or university

Adult and Transfer Admissions

Find your admission requirements

UToledo admission requirements differ depending on your academic college and degree program.

If you don't know the academic college that houses your major, find your major on our list of degrees organized by academic college.

Always verify admission requirements and application deadlines with your department or program contact.

Last Updated: 4/10/24