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UToledo Application Policy Enhancements

You can choose the pathway to admission at UToledo that is most beneficial to you. Our goal is to welcome you to the Rocket family!

Test-Optional Admission Policy

The University of Toledo was the first Ohio public university to launch a test-optional application policy. This means you may decide whether you want to provide your SAT or ACT score as part of your application.

Not providing scores will not count against you when reviewing your application for admission or merit scholarships. Instead, it gives you the ability to decide how to most accurately portray your academic strengths when applying to UToledo.

We have adopted this approach because we:

  • recognize the importance of GPAs and high school curricula as a predictor of long-term student success
  • believe a test-optional policy will allow us to provide access for and reach students who might not perform well on standardized tests but perform well in the classroom
  • know that standardized testing is not always the best indicator of students’ potential for college success, and we want students to feel that their applications to UToledo truly show their strengths


Anyone applying to UToledo as an undergraduate domestic or international student may choose to not provide test scores unless you attend a high school that does not provide grades.

We suggest you still submit your test score(s) if you feel they will benefit your standing in the admissions review process, but note that they will not be used in our review when awarding merit scholarships.

How to Apply

Visit www.utoledo.edu/admission/apply and select the Undergraduate Application. You may apply via the Common Application or the institutional application and will auto-default to test-optional. Should you choose to apply with test scores, you will need to select "apply with test scores". 

Please carefully consider your decision on whether to apply with or without your test scores. Your Admission Counselor is here to answer any questions you may have.

Apply to UToledo


If you’ve taken or will take college admission tests like the ACT or SAT more than once, UToledo will optimize multiple test scores into your highest combined score, or “superscore,” when evaluating your application. This is an automatic process as it will always benefit the applicant for admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are available in the Office of Admissions to help you fully consider your options. Feel free to reach out to us as we are happy to assist. Text or call us at 419.740.4540 or email us at enroll@utoledo.edu.

1. Why did UToledo adopt a test-optional policy?

UToledo is taking a student-centered approach to our application process as a result of test cancellations and we're enhancing our admission review.

Based on our own data and research, a student’s high school GPA and high school curriculum are the best predictors of long-term student success (retention and graduation).

We strive to diversify our student body as much as possible, and a test-optional policy allows us to provide further access and to reach populations who might not perform well on standardized tests, but perform well in the classroom.

We know that standardized testing is not the best indicator of a student’s potential for collegiate success, and we want students to feel that their application to UToledo truly shows the strength of their admission candidacy.

2. What does test-optional mean?

A test-optional admission policy means applicants can choose not to submit SAT or ACT scores and be considered for admission.

3. what percentage of students apply test-optional?

For the freshman class of 2021, 56% applied test-optional.

4. How will this change affect diversity, equity and inclusion?

Test-optional admissions policies are intended to reduce the inequalities in college access. Based on our research data, we believe a test-optional policy will provide greater access that will positively impact diversity, equity and inclusion.

5. Will the Evaluation Process Differ for Students Applying Test-Optional?

The evaluation will be slightly different resulting in a more holistic review of the student’s application materials. Some academic programs have different criteria for direct entry, and you will find that information here.

6. Will applying test-optional be detrimental to a student’s admission decision?

Applying test-optional will not count against the applicant in any way. Rather, it will allow applicants to choose how to most accurately portray their academic strengths.

7. How would a student know if they should submit a test score or not?

Students who believe that their SAT and/or ACT scores are a positive addition to their academic record can submit their test scores.

Because we evaluate each application individually, there is no formula we can provide to help you decide.

8. What if a student already submitted test scores and wants to apply test-optional?

If the student at the time of application selects test-optional but has already submitted scores (even if we receive scores from a testing agency or on your high school transcript), those will not be considered in the admissions decision.

9. Will Students Need to Submit Test Scores to Be Considered for Scholarship?

There are scholarships available to qualifying students who do not submit scores however some scholarships require a test score. Those scholarships that require test scores are not offered by Admissions or Financial Aid but rather supplemental donor-based scholarships.

10. Will students be eligible for financial aid if they apply test-optional?

Yes, applicants are still able to apply for financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

11. As a Test-Optional Applicant, am I Eligible for Merit Scholarships if I Apply Test-Optional?

Yes, you will be reviewed by Student Financial Aid based on your high school GPA.

12. What students are eligible for applying test-optional?

Students applying directly from high school, home school students, and international applicants.

13. Are There Students Who Cannot Apply Test-Optional?

Students that attend high schools that do not report grades. Some academic programs may require a test score for direct admission.

14. Does this apply to transfer students?

Transfer students do not have to provide test scores. Instead, transfer students must provide transcripts from all regionally accredited institutions they have attended.

15. Will I need to submit my test scores to officially enroll at UToledo?


16. Will the Jesup Scott Honors College accept test-optional students?

Yes. The Jesup Scott Honors College will no longer require test scores and will retain a minimum required GPA of 3.5.

17. Will my ACT/SAT be superscored for eligibility for the Bacc2MD pathway program?

For fall 2022, ACT and SAT scores will not be superscored in consideration for entrance into the Bacc2MD pathway program. Test scores are required for eligibility for the Bacc2MD pathway program.

Last Updated: 10/6/22