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Developing your career and professional skills is the next step in the process. This entails developing a professionally written resume and cover letter, completing applications for jobs and graduate school, and developing interviewing skills. We have many resources to help you develop these important skills.


Career Readiness Competencies

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) defines career readiness through eight career competencies identified by employers as critical skills or competencies they seek in job candidates—regardless of major or job. Your college career is a time to learn, grow, and develop competencies that will help you thrive in your community and career. 


Career and Self-Evaluation


Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Equity and Inclusion





 Don’t wait until your last year to start thinking about your career and building competencies to help you reach your goals—start now! 

Learn more about the NACE Career Readiness Competencies 

Career Skills Guides 

The Resume and CV Guide: How to Catch a Recruiter’s Guide 

The Resume and CV Guide is designed to help you create a resume or CV that is eye-catching, easily readable, and full of compelling content. In addition to this guide, we have many outstanding student resume examples for you to view in the Career Services office. Plus, if you need additional help, you can submit your resume to our Resume Dropbox to have your resume reviewed by one of our Career Ambassadors or Career Consultants. 

View Sample Resumes

Application communication — whether for a job search, graduate and professional school applications, or scholarships — plays a key role in the selection process. Application letters and emails introduce you to a potential employer or entity, keep you connected to the process, and solidify your post-interview interest. Additionally, application communication (i.e., cover, inquiry, networking, thank you, acceptance, withdrawal, and turndown letters) serves as samples of your writing to your reader(s). 

View sample cover letters and email templates

The thought of an interview—whether a job, a program, or a scholarship—makes most people’s palms sweat, heart rate rise, and breathing become shallow. Knowing how to prepare, what questions to expect, how to practice your answers, what to wear, and what to bring will increase your interviewing competence and therefore your interviewing confidence. That is why we have written this interview guide. 

View sample interview questions

Searching for a full-time job or an internship can be both overwhelming and intimidating. A well-crafted job search process takes time, preparation, and concentrated effort. However, it does not need to be a daunting process.   Today’s most successful job seekers utilize various job search strategies to stand out from the crowd — from establishing a social presence to utilizing job source platforms to targeting companies. We have created this guide to expedite your job search as we introduce and steer you through an array of proven resources and methods. 

View job search strategies


Other Resources to Develop Skills 

Mock Interviews 

When marketing yourself to prospective employers, you need to do more than look good on paper. You also need to sell your skills and experiences in the context of an interview.   

If you have not interviewed for a position before you can participate in a mock interview through Big Interview or a Career Services mock interview appointment.

The UToledo’s Pre-Health Advising Center supports you throughout your undergraduate academic journey as you develop strong metrics, attributes, and experiences to become a competitive applicant for medical, dental, and veterinary school. 

UToledo’s Pre-Health Advising Center offers resources and guidance on the following:  

  • Medical, dental, and veterinary school admission requirements and applications 
  • Letters of recommendation 
  • Mock interviews 
  • Personal statements and resumes 
  • Standardized testing 
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities 
  • Self-care, mindset, and stress management 
  • Alternate plans 
  • Individualized career and personal goals  

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College of Graduate Studies Success Center 

The Graduate Success Center at UToledo promotes holistic growth and community building among graduate students by providing individualized support and guidance to thrive personally, academically, and professionally. The Center connectstudents to campus resources to build belonging. 

Held twice per year, UToledo students, alumni, faculty, and staff can purchase everything they need to create the right look for their next interview or job. This includes suits, dresses, sports coats, dress pants, shoes, and accessories – all at an additional 30% off! All UToledo students, alumni, faculty, and staff are encouraged to attend. 

With over 450 student organizations, UToledo provides a multitude of opportunities for students to get involved in and discover interests, develop skills, build their resumes, make connections, and reduce stress 

The Rocket Style Career Closet serves as an on-campus resource for UToledo students. Students can select identity-affirming professional clothing items in preparation for an upcoming interview, professional conference, career fair, or new job at no cost. Look your best. We can help! 


Last Updated: 3/16/23