UT-Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center (IISC)

The Advanced Clinical Simulation Center

Situated on the second floor of the UT-IISC, the Advanced Clinical Simulation Center houses a virtual hospital with an ICU, Trauma Suite, OB & Delivery Suite, and Operating Room equipped with human patient simulators, clinical equipment, and debriefing and control rooms. Also included are two patient care rooms, an endovascular lab, clinical skills area, break out rooms, and interprofessional collaboration rooms designed to be flexible by design. The second floor entryway consists of a welcoming lobby overlooking our entrance and first floor as well as bridging across to our Center for Creative Instruction and Hillebrand Center ('Standardized Patient' program). We expect our Advanced Clinical Simulation Center to be the heart of the center and expect nearly every learner to pass through this floor. The focus is on competency based learning and outcomes based training and education. Additionally on the lower level, there is a home care environment that will use advanced simulation models for training.

Last Updated: 6/26/15