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Through a combination of multimedia, 2D and 3D imagery and a variety of advanced virtual, immersive and touch technologies, IISC’s Virtual Immersive Reality Center is on the forefront of creating unprecedented opportunities for learning, teaching and research.

• VIR Simulations - Immersive and interactive learning experience custom designed for desired learning outcomes.

• Radiological Visualization - 2D & 3D visualizations & enhancements of of radiological imaging modalities (Plain Film, CT, MRI, Angiogram, confocal microscopy, etc).

• Medical Illustration - Instructional and informative art that communicates complex medical, biological and scientific related knowledge to any array of audiences.

• 3D Models & Animations - Present important spatial content visualization and relationships effectively.

• 3D Print Models - Present important spatial content visualization and relationships effectively.

• Radiological Dataset Segmentation - Custom segmented 3D models from real patient DICOM datasets (e.g. CT, MRI) created for use in 3D strucutre visualization and/or for 3D (model) printing.

• Other Services - From e-learning websites to graphics layouts to traditional fine art.

The experience of IISC’s VIR specialists ranges from certified medical illustration to 3D modeling and animation.  Together with the talented software engineers at UT's Center for Creative Instruction, our custom created e-learning and simulation modules create an active learning environment designed to accelerate desired learned outcomes quicker, faster and more efficiently and with better opportunity for long-term recall.

Our content has generated interest from businesses, education and research sectors. Our unique combination of access to content, hardware, software, and expertise, provides us with the opportunity to create dynamic content and a unique experience that promotes awareness and product design.

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Last Updated: 6/27/22