Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center

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Through a combination of multimedia, 2D and 3D imagery and a variety of advanced virtual, immersive and touch technologies, IISC’s Virtual Immersive Reality Center is on the forefront of creating unprecedented opportunities for learning, teaching and research.

I-Space - World's first five-sided seamless immersive environment that immerses users into a 3D virtual environment.

Curved CAD Wall - Large scale curved CAD wall equip with motion tracking stereoscopic viewing technologies. 

VR headsets - Virtual reality headsets (Oculus Rift & Hololens)

3D Printers - 3D printers that print a variety of materials (in conjunction with The Miller 3D Print Lab).

All of the IISC’s VIR technologies are available for use by all UT staff and current students for university sanctioned class instruction and study.  These spaces are also available for external, non-university affiliated groups for a rental and staffing fee.

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Last Updated: 6/27/22