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Explore these Internship Opportunities here and abroad:


USAC Internships

USAC internships offer credits rather than financial compensation.  Schedules and number of work hours/credits are determined by schedule of USAC courses.  USAC will attempt to meet internship requirements at your home university, however please obtain their approval prior to enrolling. Requires refundable fee of $100, unless otherwise noted on the USAC website. This fee will be refunded upon the successful completion of the internship.  You must apply prior to start of program unless otherwise noted. See description for each program.

In some cases, USAC programs are not listed; however an internship applicable to a student’s specific interest and studies may be available on a case by case basis. These arrangements would only be made once the student is on-site.

If you have additional questions regarding a program and/or internships, please contact the USAC Enrollment Department. If you are interested in an internship and meet the qualifications, indicate “Internships” on your USAC application under courses.

ISA Internships

Participation in volunteer opportunities abroad is an excellent way to immerse oneself in another country's way of life. ISA-ELAP is an enriching experience for proficient Spanish speakers who are seeking to contribute to an organization's responsibilities and mission while simultaneously learning about themselves in an unfamiliar, and at times, challenging environment.

Participants develop skills, considered valuable to potential employers, such as problem solving, appreciation for community and diversity, the ability to cooperate and collaborate in an international setting, and a more intimate understanding of global issues.

For important admissions information and to contact ISA-ELAP, click here.

B4 Youth Theatre, Inc.: Burning Barriers, Building Bridges (B4) with Children

The benefits of participating in B4 Youth Theatre, Inc. are numerous. The program provides an opportunity for current or recent college and university students to gain valuable experience serving as mentors for their particular arts discipline (music, dance, theater, playwriting) to children and youth in a developing country. Support is provided for living expenses, lodging, and transportation in-country.
Arts Mentor Internship: Liberia, West Africa 


The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars (TWC) offers University of Toledo students a unique life experience. Qualified students have the opportunity to work in several different fields in private, public, and nonprofit organizations in Washington DC.

The program provides internships for students from a variety of academic disciplines. Each program has professional supervisors who counsel, place, supervise and help evaluate students, as well as organize activities for them during the day or half-day when students are not at their internships.

Resources for Finding an Internship

Ohio Means Internships and Co-ops: find the internship that is right for you.  


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