University of Toledo

Animal Procurement / Importation and Exportation of Animals

Ordering animals from Approved Vendors: Such as Charles River Laboratories, Jackson Laboratories, Taconic, Cyagen Biosciences and Envigo.

  1. Make sure your UT e-mail account is opened in the background.
  2. Click on Animal Requisition FormYou should see the required boxes outlined in red.
  3. Once accurately and completely filled out, click on "Submit" on the form.  It should automatically open your e-mail with the completed requisition attached.  
  4. Orders are due Wednesday to be received the following week (pending the vendor has them available).
  5. DLAR notifies the lab when ordered as well as when they have been received in the animal room.
  6. Rodents require a minimum of 3 days acclimation period before any research can be conducted.

Importation/Exportation of animals:   Animals from non-approved vendors such as other institutions

  1. Download this IMPORTATION/EXPORTATION OF LIVE ANIMALS REQUEST FORM. Once you have downloaded onto your computer this form must be accurately completed and submitted to DLAR.  DLAR will work closely with the Technology Transfer Office for the material transfer agreement "MTA" as well as the other institution for the importation/exportation of live animals.  DLAR will exchange health reports, facility operations and initiate the arrangements with the shipment while the MTA/PO is approved through the Technology Transfer office.
    1. If the process goes well it can occur as fast as a couple weeks.  Issues that could slow down the process would be outside temperatures for shipping animals.  Temperatures must be within 40-80 degrees in order to ship. The MTA also could take some time.  
  • Importations
    • Requires the receiving institution to meet DLAR's health requirements.  If they do not the importation can be denied. 
    • Approved importations DLAR arranges the animal shipment to be received in quarantine. 
    • In quarantine the animals are retested for health status and this takes 1-2 weeks.  Once cleared the animals are released to the researchers' colonies. 
    • During the quarantine period, these animals are isolated and accessible only by DLAR staff.  All cost (per-diems, quarantine testing, shipping cost & administration processing fee) charged directly to the researcher.
  • Exportations
    • Animal health records are shared with receiving institution.  Additional health testing is at the cost of the researcher.  
    • Once approved by the receiving institution shipping arrangements are made.
    • All cost (shipping cost, crate charges  & administration processing fee) are charged directly to The University of Toledo's research lab.  DLAR can not charge outside institutions.  
  • Transferring animals within the University to a different protocol and/or PI.  Animal Transfer Form


“All animals must be acquired lawfully, and the receiving institution should ensure that all procedures involving animal procurement are conducted in a lawful manner…Transportation of animals is governed by a number of U.S. regulatory agencies and international bodies…Movement of animals within or between sites or institutions should be planned and coordinated by responsible and well-trained persons at the sending and receiving sites to minimize animal transit time or delays in receipt.”

Last Updated: 6/15/21