University of Toledo

Contact the DLAR Office

DLAR maintains an office on both the Health Science Campus (HSC) and the Main Campus (MC).  The HSC campus is the primary office and is staffed full-time by the department secretary.  Calls and interdepartmental mail should be addressed to the HSC.

Department of Laboratory Animal Resources

                                      3000 Arlington Avenue                                           2801 W. Bancroft Street
                                      HE Bldg., Rm 12, MS 1004                                       Wolfe Hall, Rm 0263, MS 600
                                      Toledo, OH   43614                                                 Toledo, OH   43606
                                      Ph:  419-383-4310                                                  Ph:  419-530-1987
                                      Fax:  419-383-3021                                                Fax:  419-530-1562



Lisa Jane Root, DVM, MS, DACLAM
Director/Attending Veterinarian
419-383-4314 (office)


Scott Bechaz, BS, ILAM, LATg
Associate Director
419-383-5279 (office)

Emergency Contact Information

University Police – x2600
Safety & Health – 419-383-5089

Last Updated: 10/25/17