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Non-FMLA Leave

Why wasn't I approved for FMLA?

The most common causes for denial of FMLA request include:

  • You have not worked 1,250 hours over the past 12 months
  • You have not been an employee at the University for 12 months
  • Your medical condition is not considered serious
  • You have already exhausted the 480 hours of leave available with FMLA
  • Your relationship with the person does not qualify

If your FMLA application was denied, you still have options. The University does have non-FMLA leave that you may qualify for.

Apply for Non-FMLA Leave

  1. Log on to myUT
  2. View your "Employee" tab
  3. Under "My Toolkit" scroll down to find "Other HR Information" and select "Application for Non-FMLA Leave"
  4. Fill out and submit the online application *
  5. Check your email for the Medical Certification for your medical provider
  6. Visit your medical provider to complete and sign the Medical Certification
  7. Submit your completed Medical Certification to HR
Review Non-FMLA Leave Policy

Other UToledo Leave Policies

The University has a separate policy for jury duty or trial participation.

Review Jury Duty Leave Policy

There may be additional leave options available to you as part of a collective bargaining agreement. For more information, reach out to your bargaining unit representative.


Email the Leaveofabsence@utoledo.edu, or call 419-530-4747 (Option 2) for more information.

* Failure to complete an online application may result in delay or denial of requested leave.

Last Updated: 6/27/22