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Off-Site Proctored Exam Process & request form

We are currently not offering off-Site proctored testing services due to COVID-19.
For questions, please contact the Main Campus Testing Center at testcenter.mc@utoledo.edu


Students, please read: proctored or supervised testing is required by some UT instructors and/or programs for online courses. Before proceeding, confirm that proctored testing is required and that off-site testing is permitted. 

Please don't assume that because the course is online — 
(1) that the test will be online or
(2) that accommodation for testing will be made at the student's location

It is the student's responsibility to confirm online course testing requirements at the start of each term.

form: who, what and when

Who completes the form: students in online courses with instructor permitted off-site proctored testing

What is needed: a completed form for each course requiring proctored testing each semester. Please plan to use the same proctor for all your tests for the semester.

When is the form due: within the first 3 weeks of each semester (the first week of summer sessions), or earlier if a test is scheduled.

Students testing outside of the United States will use ProctorU, a third-party online proctor service (students at international locations and with the instructor's written permission.) Not all instructors permit ProctorU, please secure the instructor's written permission before contacting our proctored testing staff. Forward the instructor's email to ProctoredTesting@utoledo.edu. Questions? Please call 866.886.5336.

  On-campus proctoring arrangements are made by the instructor and not UToledo Online. The Memorial Field House Testing Center (419-530-2011), along with the instructor, manage proctored and make-up testing on-campus. 


— When permitted students locate an approved proctor in their local area. A list of proctors is available from the National College Testing AssociationIt is the student’s responsibility to locate a suitable proctor for UToledo Online's approval and to schedule their tests.
— The student will provide a photo-ID to the proctor at test time  
— The student will comply with the instructor's test instructions and The University of Toledo’s Academic Honesty Policy
— Additional fees that may occur for proctoring expenses are the sole responsibility of the student. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact your instructor or UToledo Online for further instruction.

Approved Proctors/Professional Proctor Locations*

— Certified librarian
— College test center
— Education official at college, secondary or elementary school
— Educational service officer
— Test administrator
— A commissioned officer of higher rank than the student (military)

Proctors May Not Be

— A relative of the student
— A co-worker of the student
— A personal friend of the student
— Employee of student
— A resident at the same address as the student
— Direct supervisor of the student

*Testing is only approved by UToledo Online when taking place in a professional testing location; testing locations are verified as part of this process. Per NCTA Standards and Guidelines

Last Updated: 7/23/20