Rhonda Moore

Associate Co-op Director

College of Engineering

B.A. in Business, Marketing (1995)
    Liberty University
    Lynchburg, VA

M.B.A. in Human Resources Management (2006)
    University of Toledo
    Toledo, OH

Greetings from the Engineering Career Management Center, I am the Co-op Director for Bioengineering students. I will start to work with students the spring semester of their sophomore year when they take a Professional Development class. I work with students with resumes, mock interviews, career paths within the Bioengineering field, how to secure co-op positions and full time employment upon graduation, and how to be successful professional in the workplace.

Bioengineering is such a diverse field where you can work with companies in biomaterials, medical devices, medical imaging, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, prosthetic devices and tissue engineering. Co-op students are able to apply the principles and theories learned in the classroom to these and other industries. Co-op is the best way to gain the experience needed to propel your future career!

Last Updated: 6/27/22