Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Azadeh Parvin

 Dr Parvin

Chair, Graduate Program Committee 
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
The University of Toledo
2801 W. Bancroft Street
Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390
Phone: (419)530-8134/8120



 The George Washington University, Washington, DC

 Doctor of Science (D.Sc.), Structural Engineering, May 1992.

 Master of Science (M.S.), Structural Engineering, February 1985.

 Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Civil Engineering, September 1982.

Teaching Experience

 The University of Toledo, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Toledo, OH, August 2000-present.

 The University of Toledo, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Toledo, OH, January 1994-August 2000.

 The George Washington University, Instructor and Graduate Teaching Assistant, Washington, DC, January 1983-May 1992.

 Professional Experience

 DMI Engineering Inc., Project Engineer, Vienna, VA, November 1992-December 1993.

 Engineering Consulting Service, Ltd., Project Engineer, Chantilly, VA, August-November 1993.

 SEAS Material Laboratory, Research Advisor, Washington, DC, September-December 1992.

 Selected Publications and Presentations

 Parvin, A., and Granata, P., "Numerical Study of Structural Joints Reinforced with Composite Fabrics", the Sixth International Conference on Computer Methods in Composite Materials (under review).

 Parvin, A., and Granata, P., "Use of FRP Overlays at Beam-Column Connections", Second International Conference on Composites in Infrastructure, Tucson, Arizona, January 1998.

 Parvin, A., and Serpen, S., "Optimization Problems in Structural Engineering and a Real-Time Neural Solution Strategy," Journal of Microcomputers in Civil Engineering (in press).

 Parvin, A., "Seismic Design of Bridges Using Spring Viscous Damper Isolation System," Fourth National Workshop on Bridge Research in Progress, Buffalo, New York, June 1996.

 Nims, D.K., Ramkumar, G., Parvin, A. and Aktan, A. E., "The Role of Elastomeric Bearings in an Intelligent Bridge System," Fourth World Congress on Joint Sealing and Bearing Systems for Concrete Structures, Sacramento, California, September 1996.

 Serpen, G. and Parvin, A., "On the Performance of Hopfield Network for Graph Search Problem," Neurocomputing, May 1996.

 Nims, D.K., Subramaniam, K., Parvin, A. and Aktan, A. E., "The Potential for the Use of Elastomeric Bearings in an Intelligent Bridge System," Transportation Research Board 75th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, January 1996.

 Serpen, G., Livingston, D. L. and Parvin, A., "Determination of Parameters in Relaxation-Search Neural Networks for Optimization Problems," International Conference on Neural Networks, June 1997.

 Parvin, A., and T. G. Toridis, "Rotating Crack Model and Fracture in a Reinforced Concrete Medium," Proceedings of the First Congress on Computing in Civil Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 2, pp. 1944-1950, Washington, DC, June 1994.

 Parvin, A., and T. G. Toridis, "Comparative Study of Interior and Exterior Wall-Floor Connections," Computing Systems in Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 6, pp. 681-689, December 1992.

 Parvin, A., and T. G. Toridis, "Implementation of Rotating Crack Model for the Study of Fracture

Phenomena in a Reinforced Concrete Medium," Second U.S. Congress on Computational Mechanics, Washington, DC, August 1993.

Parvin, A., and T. G. Toridis, "Numerical Modeling of Structural Member Connections," Symposium on High-Performance Computing for Flight Vehicles, Arlington, Virginia, December 1992.

 Parvin, A., "Research Projects for NSF-Civil and Mechanical Systems Workshop," NSF-CMS Workshop Proceedings, Arlington, VA, September 1997.

Research Interest

Dr. Parvin is a structural engineer with research interests in static and dynamic analysis and design of structures such as reinforced concrete. She is currently working on research topics related to precast and reinforced concrete beam-column connections using finite element methods. She is also involved in laboratory testing of spring and elastomeric bridge bearings.



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