Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty and Staff at Lorain County Community College (LCCC)

Hobbs, Joseph - Ph.D. - Associate Professor

Professor Hobbs

Research Areas: Thin Films, Embedded Passives, Materials Characterization
Room: LCCC-UC 130K Phone: (440) 366-4828
Email: joseph.hobbs@utoledo.edu

Kang, Weng - Ph.D. - Associate Professor

Research Areas: Communications, Signal Processing, Electromagnetic
Room: LCCC-UC 112C Phone: (440) 366-4340
Email: weng.kang@utoledo.edu

Nowlin, Brent - Visiting Assistant Professor

Research Areas: Automated Control Systems, Electronic Hardware, Data Acquisition and Control, Motion Control
Room: LCCC-UC 122A Phone: (440) 366-4336
Email: brent.nowlin@utoledo.edu

Thomas, Lawrence - Ph.D. - Associate Professor

After 20-plus years in industry, Dr. Thomas left the corporate world to move to academia, completing his M.S. and Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University in 2005 and 2008. He has been teaching for the University of Toledo at the Lorain County Community College Partnership Campus since 2010.  He has taught First-Year Design, Java Programming, Professional Development, Data Structures (both Linear and Non-linear), Software Engineering, Computer Security, Inside Cryptography, Open-Source Software Development, and Database Management Systems.
Teaching Interests Programming, Data Structures, Security and Cryptography, Software Engineering, Database Management Systems
Research Interests Searching and Sorting (empirical analysis of the Shell Sort Algorithm)
Room LCCC-UC 110E                     Phone (440) 366-4341                    Email Larry.Thomas@utoledo.edu

Aguilar, Adrienne - (CSE Program Associate Director)

Room UPRC 130-J 
Phone (440) 327-2002 
Email adrienne.aguilar@utoledo.edu

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