Engineering Technology

Program Description

  Construction Engineering Technology is the construction and design of building, bridges, highways and many other kinds of public and private. Many aspects of the design and actual construction processes are carried out by women and men training in the 2 year (technician) and 4 year (engineer technologist) degree programs in the Construction Engineering area. In addition to providing students with a thorough knowledge of engineering, this program focuses on the managerial skills people need to ensure quality work in all areas of construction. Baccalaureate-degree graduates find rewarding employment opportunities as Professional Engineers; others choose to work as: construction managers, construction and building inspectors, cost estimators, designers, project managers, inspectors, and specification writers in the construction industry.

Program Strengths

   The students in the Construction Engineering Technology program will gain valuable hands-on and classroom experience especially in the areas of land surveying, CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design), and materials testing as well as engineering design. The surveying courses are supported by most of the instruments that are in common usage today. The materials testing laboratory is well equipped for testing of all types of construction related materials to include concrete, mortar, aggregates, metals, and asphalt mixes. Classes focus on the hands-on applications of real world design and management problems rather than the theoretical building block approach found in many engineering science programs. The program prepares students for a direct jump into the construction workplace by utilizing the techniques and procedures they would find there.
Last Updated: 6/27/22