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2020 Outstanding Custodian

The custodial staff are dedicated professionals who take pride in their work at the University of Toledo.  Custodial Services performs daily cleaning & disinfecting of the academic, athletic and the auxiliary buildings on campus over multiple shifts.  Custodial Services plays a vital part in keeping the campus safe and healthy.  Our staff covers all administrative offices, corridors, public spaces, classrooms, labs,  restrooms, elevators, and stairwells.   In addition to daily cleaning & disinfecting services, custodial assist with snow removal near entrances and University events.

For more information regarding clean frequencies and tasks, go to Cleaning Frequencies & Floor Care.


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Please submit all maintenance requests through our Online Work Order Request System In Place For All Maintenance And Custodial Services Work Orders, Which Will Allow You To Receive Updates For Your Requests And Also Allow You To Review Your Prior Requests.

Emergency Requests should still be called into 419-530-1000 


Last Updated: 8/17/22